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12 days of recruiting Christmas

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Christmas is swiftly approaching and seasonal fever is setting in. I’m convinced the recruiting software even senses it is Christmas…

The festive season is upon us. Excitement is building and as always, the recruiting world is getting itself into the spirit. It would surprise you what you could make Christmassy.

As we approach the countdown to Christmas, what better time than now to sing out a recruiting edition of ‘12 Days of Christmas?’

On the first day of Christmas…
My colleague emailed me, an interview scheduled for three… in the afternoon. I’ll have to check that the recruiting manager is free.

On the second day of Christmas…
My inbox brought to me, two email snubs, but a response from a passive candidate with 5 years of experience. Nice, surprise christmas present. The two snubs will be getting lumps of coal.

On the third day of Christmas…
My colleague brought to me, three French speakers for an inside sales role they had been struggling to fill. Joyeux Noel, everybody.

On the fourth day of Christmas…
The intern told me about four calling candidates, who want to find out if a decision has been made on the marketing executive role. Those eager beavers will be going on Santa’s good list. He loves enthusiasm.

On the fifth day of Christmas…
The in-house recruiter called me, but it went to voicemail after five short rings. I will have to get back to him on email later.

On the sixth day of Christmas…
The intern sent to me, six sheets of metrics. Nice to know that setting up the employee referrals programme paid off.

On the seventh day of Christmas…
The recruiting software provided me, seven reports updated with our most recent recruiting campaign. Why did we use newspaper advertising, again? It yielded 0% in all areas.

On the eighth day of Christmas…
The online recruiting software arranged for me, eight days of interviewing. Better get questions and assessments ready. At least the scheduling has been taken care of.

On the ninth day of Christmas…
My hiring manager gave the CVs a quick glancing and agreed to an interview all in the coming week. Right, better get to scheduling those interviews.

On the tenth day of Christmas…
My colleague sent to me, 10 application forms repeating… due to a mix up on the application page. Web development are working on it.

On the eleventh day of Christmas
The recruiter informed me, of 11 interested parties piping in on the final decision. It takes a village, folks.

On the twelfth day of Christmas
The HR admin brought to me, twelve drummers drumming. Not certain why. They are causing quite the commotion. They are currently out in the carpark. The accountant’s next door are not best pleased. Will have to send over apology mince pies later.

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