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HireHive vs. Email: How recruiting software will outperform your email hiring process

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Email has long been established as the primary tool for managing job postings and applications, but could we do better? Recruiting software, like HireHive offers more effective and uncomplicated means of communicating with candidates.

Maintaining communication with candidates is  be essential to successful recruitment. If respondents to your job postings feel you have been attentive and transparent through the recruitment process, that goes a long way in improving candidate experience and employee retention.

For many, email is the main tool used for keeping in contact with candidates during the recruiting process, which can be, let’s be honest, a hot mess. I’m pretty certain the experience of fumbling through piles of CVs and trying to match them to emails from candidates is universal. Or desperately making the most vague searches in your inbox, because you think you remember getting an application from someone with software development experience.  

No more switching from spreadsheets, to PDFs of CVs, to job postings, then… to your email inbox.

Though the advantages that recruiting software offers over email are many, these five  should be enough to convince you.

Sharing is easier

If you’re out of the office, there’s no need to worry that your candidates are being ignored. HireHive offers control over who has access to what, so your colleagues will be able to respond to your candidates in the event you’re not able to.

Whereas your email inbox may be a ‘password-protected, ordered disorder’ only you truly understand the internal logic of, recruiting software makes sharing the workload so much easier. Comments or additional notes on candidates can also be shared with your colleagues.

Making it more human

There’s nothing more soulless than a ‘Dear Candidate’ automatic response. Using recruiting software, you can eliminate this. You can prepare templates that are exactly the response you would like to give. While email offers this option, using HireHive, templates can be populated with a candidate’s details, giving a personal touch. Just because it’s automation software, doesn’t mean you need to take the human element out.

All in one place

One of the very obvious advantages of using recruiting software, over email, is that everything is in one place. No switching from spreadsheets, to PDFs of candidate’s CVs, to job postings, to your email inbox. Just one clean, straight-forward overview of candidate information and correspondence. By having all information to hand, improves accuracy, reducing man-hours and offers a much more streamlined workflow.


An archive of all communications between yourself and your candidates is another useful advantage of using tools like HireHive. No candidate questions or responses will get lost in the ether,  as correspondence is logged according to applicant.

Never again will you be searching your inbox, trying to figure out if your candidate has a masters in macro or microeconomics. Another advantage HireHive offers is the possibility to manage internal referrals. No missed opportunities and no awkward conversations in the canteen, because you accidentally overlooked your colleague’s nephew’s CV. Oops.

Marathon report runner

While email just funnels applications into your inbox, recruiting software is double-jobbing, gathering data on applications and running clear reports for you to review. 

Rather than giving someone the pitiable job of compiling data on applicant sources, volumes and views, HireHive is taking one for the team, doing the job for you… and compiling reports… and giving you the option to export to a spreadsheet. Just cause it’s cool like that.  It does just stop short of getting you a cup of coffee and a biscuit from the canteen, but we all need something to aspire to. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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