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HireHive versus Forms for recruiting

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Forms can be a messy, inconvenient means of receiving applications from candidates. Worse again, they are often a nuisance to prospective candidates. Fortunately we have an alternative in HireHive.

Forms are not particularly popular with candidates, if we are to be honest. There is nothing more frustrating than having to fill out the same kind of personal data, again and again… and then not even get an automatic response. With the breadth of tools and options offered to us through constantly improving technology, I ask: why? Why, why, oh why?

It is not as though there is no alternatives to forms for recruiting. Just one example is HireHive. Along with providing a secure tool, that manages communications, data, scheduling, teamwork and posting jobs, HireHive offers a useful alternative to just using forms to receive applications.

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It is not a simple case of offering a sort of equivalent to the form, oh no. HireHive offers an alternative and then some. Here’s just a few of the ways HireHive beats forms any day:


Forms tend to have a huge drop-off rate. Viewers of job postings do not convert to applications or eventually hires, because the applicant becomes frustrated. Who can blame them? Being asked to include your postcode as well as a landline telephone, or type out your work experience as well as upload a CV is simply time-wasting for candidates.

HireHive allows you to customise the application process to a great extent

HireHive allows you to customise the application process to a great extent. Simply put, you can cut out all the small talk. By default you can gather the necessary information, like a CV and contact email address. If you need to get specific bits of information from a candidate, you can just come out and ask it.

By simply clicking ‘Settings > Application Questions’ you can cut the fluff and just ask if your candidate has experience with particular tools, or knowledge of a particular technology. Much more useful than having a list of every summer job they had through school.


There is a reason why every online communication tool, from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp has some means of letting you know if your message has been read. You want to know if and when you can expect a response.

If you cannot keep up your correspondence with your candidates you will annoy and potentially lose them. Worse again, they may spread the word. As stated already, there is nothing more frustrating that not getting even an automatic response from a job application or getting an embarrassingly generic response, along the lines of “Thank you, [CANDIDATE NAME].”

HireHive offers a way of keeping a two-way channel of email-based communication open between you and your prospective candidates. Better again, your whole team can be included in this so that no email goes un-responded nor will candidates fall between the cracks. Whether a candidate is unsuccessful or gets an offer, you will be able to quickly let them know.


Forms can be frustrating to manage. If you get some applications via email and some via a job boards or through employee referrals, the risk of something getting lost or ignored increases exponentially.

Whether applications come from your customised careers page, job boards, or your employees, you can manage them all from the one location

Where HireHive knocks forms out of the park is its centralised system of management. Simply put, everything is in one place. Whether applications come from your customised careers page, job boards, or your employees, you can manage them all from the one location.

If you are putting the time and energy into various strategies of sourcing, you should give attention and time to applications that come as a result of any of these strategies. HireHive allows you to do this with ease… rather than trying to fumble through the disparate applications you receive through forms.

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