Are you boring your candidates out of applying for a job?

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Is your application process too long or boring? Recruiting software may be the way to keep your candidates interested.

With the help of a recruiting software tool, streamlining your job application process is easy. You can request just the information you need from your candidates and make their experience as painless as possible. But why bother changing from the old reliables?

A lengthy or boring process can cause candidates to abandon their application before completing it. That means you could be losing suitable candidates. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself about your application process, to ensure you’re keeping candidates engaged.

How long does the process take?

How many steps are in the process? Is any one step excessively long? If the process is taking up too much of your applicants’ time they may not complete the process or stop half way through.

Can you eliminate any duplicate or unnecessary steps? Can you even reduce the process to one comprehensive step? A cleaner process will make the application and the screening easier for applicant and recruiter. An efficient application process pays.

There is nothing more frustrating than filling out a employment history form, only to have to upload a CV too

Are you offering an alternative to the traditional process?

There is nothing more frustrating than filling out a employment history form, only to have to upload a CV too. Is there an easier way of getting the necessary information from your applicants?

Can candidates apply using social media profiles? Can you include a task or assessment for the candidate? Can their CV be used to populate any job history or personal information forms? A few simple alternatives will make the process as painless as possible for your applicants.

Are you getting the information you need from your candidates?

Ensure that your modes of questioning are getting the right information from your applicants quickly. Though it is hard to fight tradition, it may be more appropriate to pose a set of specific questions to an applicant, rather than go through a CV.

HireHive allows you to add a questionnaire to the job application process, so you can use a mix of traditional and more strategic methods of assessing your candidates. Screening will also be far easier, as these key questions can reveal what you really need to know about a candidate.

Showing is often more effective than telling

Can candidates show rather than tell?

Rather than asking a candidate to fill out a repetitive form, maybe request a link to work or a portfolio. It may be easier to demonstrate a successful project, rather than describe it. Showing is often more effective than telling.

Another strategy to consider is a video application, where a candidate responds to a set of questions with short video answers. Responding to a direct line of questioning will get the best out of your candidate and will ensure authenticity. If a candidate knows their stuff it will be obvious quite quickly.

Are you making the role sound appealing?

A job ad should provoke an applicant into action. By asking the right questions or posing the right challenge you can encourage the right candidate to apply for the role.

A job ad can also trigger the application process. You could include a task in the job ad, as well as the necessary skills and qualifications. You could also ask the applicant to write a 200-300 word argument explaining why they’re right for the job, rather than a cover letter. Tasks like these can help a candidate get to the point quickly.

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