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Setting up referrals for agencies

Recruiting agencies certainly have their place in recruitment and many companies rely heavily on these for hard to find candidates.

It can often be difficult to manage these candidates along with candidates that have applied directly or have come from other sources.

With HireHive it’s easy to manage agency candidates. Agency contacts can be invited to add candidates to HireHive. This allows agencies to refer candidates for certain roles.


  1. Log in to your account and go to ‘Referrals’ > ‘Add Campaign’
  2. Select the open role that you would like to start getting referral candidates for.
  3. Add a reward for interview and a reward for hire if you wish. This field can also be left blank.
  4. Next go to ‘Contacts’. Here you can add the contact details of all agency contacts that you would like to open referrals to.


The agency contact will receive an email invite when they are added to the platform.

They will then need to set up their account by creating a password.

Once the agency has logged in they will be able to view all referral campaigns that they have access to and start adding candidates that they think are suitable.


These candidates will appear in the candidates listing in HireHive. They will have a blue ‘Referral’ badge next to their name which will also show the name of the contact that has submitted the candidate so that you can easily distinguish them from other candidates.

Setting up referrals for agencies was last modified: April 19th, 2016 by Dave Hall