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Employee Referrals step by step guide

Why are referrals so important for your hiring process?

  • Average employee referral programs deliver about 20% of all new hires.
  • Great employee referral programs deliver over 50% of all new hires.
  • Your employees are already connected to many of the people you want to hire.
  • People want to help. They just need some good and practical guidance.

Here’s how referrals with HireHive work:

1. Setting up your campaign


You can set up a referral campaign for any published jobs that are on the system.

Here you can set a reward for interview and reward for hire.

2. Campaign listing


Once you have set up your campaign it will be listed in the Referrals dashboard as ‘Open’.

This will also show you the number of applications received for this campaign.

3. Campaign dashboard


The campaign details page will show you the pipeline for that campaign and the stage that your candidates are at.

4. Employee contact section


You will need to add you employees as contacts to HireHive in order to give them access to your referral campaigns. They will then receive an email with details about the referral campaigns.

The employee experience

5. Receiving the referral invite


Once your employees are added to the system they will receive a branded email – this can be customized to suit your needs. This email includes a log in button.

6. Login screen


Once your employees click ‘Log in to referrals’ they will be asked to create a password to set up their referrals account.

7. Jobs listing


When an employee logs in they will see a list of all open jobs that they can share and submit candidates to.

8. Job overview


When a job is selected details will appear including the reward set for interviews and hires. There is an option to share the job on social media channels/by direct link or add details of a candidates.

9. Share option


The ‘Share job’ tab will allow the employee to post the job to their personal social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) or share the link directly via email.

10. Add candidate details option


the employee knows the details of a candidate that they would like to submit they can enter these details under the ‘Add Candidate’ tab.

11. Referral tracking


All referred candidates will have a ‘Referral badge’ which will identify the employee that submitted their details or shared the job link that they applied for.

Employee Referrals step by step guide was last modified: April 19th, 2016 by Dave Hall