Help guides / Managing candidates

Candidate details page overview

Everything you need to manage your candidate is available on their details page.



To move a candidate onto the next stage of the hiring process you can select it from the dropdown. 

Reject candidates

The red ‘Reject’ button lets you move candidates to the rejected stage with one click.

Recent candidates

The left hand displays a quick list of recent candidates, which makes it easy to get through potential candidates quickly.

Follow candidate

You can follow a candidate if you wish by clicking their follow button. This will notify you of all activity on their profile, such as application and notes from other admins.

Applications history

The page shows the history of a candidate’s application – if they’ve been rejected for a role in the past etc. 


Adding notes is also easy and with the @mentions feature, it is easy to share notes with other admins on the team.

Candidate details page overview was last modified: November 15th, 2016 by Dave Hall