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Job details page overview

Adding a job

You can easily add jobs with the ‘+New’ button.

Job Details Page


Candidate Pipeline

This panel gives you information about where your candidates are in your hiring pipeline. Default stages of the hiring process are ‘New’, Screening, Interviewing, Rejected, Offered, Hired. You can add as many custom stages to your pipeline as you wish e.g Skype screening.

View Reports

Review where your candidates are coming from for this particular job.

Share job

Post your job to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Just log in and write the message to send it to your social channels.

Job Link

Share this public link via email or any other channel e.g paid job boards that you use.

Hiring Team

You can add as many hiring managers to a job as you wish. Hiring managers will only see this job and candidates if they’ve been assigned to it.

Email Alert

Receive an email each time a candidate applies for your job. You can turn this off if you do not wish to be alerted to new applications.


Adding notes is easy and with the @mentions feature, it is easy to share notes with other members on the team. If you need a job reviewed by a Hiring Manager before publishing, just add them with the @ mention and they will receive an email with your note.

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