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Adding jobs to your website

With HireHive it is quick and easy to add your jobs to your website. This ensures jobs on your website are always up to date and you are providing a seamless application process for your website applicants. All candidates that apply through your own website will be tracked within HireHive so you can easily assess the performance of your careers page.

Within ‘Settings’ > ‘Careers Site and Website Integration’ you will find a short snippet of code.

This needs to be copied and pasted into the page on which you would like your jobs to appear. This will most likely be done a web developer and allows them to customise the jobs listing to match your branding (colours, layout and font).

Once this has been added to the page all changes that you make within HireHive will automatically take effect on your website.

Another option that allows you to add jobs directly your site is through our WordPress Plugin. This is easy to install and you don;t need any programming experience to set it up. Find out more about the WordPress Jobs Plugin.

For example if you edit a job, the changes will appear on your job listings. Similarly if you close a job or add a new job this will also take effect on your job listing on your careers page.


An example of jobs integrated within a website. The Current Openings section is run by HireHive to list all jobs that are currently open on the system.


Adding jobs to your website was last modified: April 18th, 2016 by Dave Hall