Hiring for the holidays

HireHive Team
HireHive Team

Preparations are also getting under way for permanent hires to be made in the new year. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered so that you can enjoy the Christmas season and even get your Christmas shopping done in time.

Here are some simple tips for the busy time ahead:

  • Be prepared – do as much of the preparation as you can in advance. We have some job templates that will save you time when creating your job ads and also job offer templates so you can get the offers out quickly once you have made a decision.
  • Get help – Let your current workforce help you by starting an employee referrals campaign. Who wouldn’t want a nice Christmas bonus for referring a candidate for a role? It’s important that your workforce embraces the campaign – we have a guide here.
  • Promote your jobs – Need candidates quickly and have some budget? Promoting your jobs on social media (Twitter Cards, Linkedin job postings) and job boards (promoted job ad on Indeed) will give you a boost in applications. Ensure that these are effectively targeted at suitable candidates candidate.
  • Find next years hires – For your new years hires it’s a great time to connect – people are looking for a fresh start in the new year and you might be just the right match for them. If you have the time start your sourcing in December. Although many of your seasonal workers will never be candidates for permanent positions, some of them may be. Ensure that you keep a close watch on the performance of candidates and at the end of the season evaluate whether they would suit another position.

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