HR Webinars to add to your recruiting calendar

Siobhan Hasner
Siobhan Hasner

Although webinars are a great way to learn, you don’t want to waste your valuable time. There’s no point blankly watching a boring webinar that talks about what you already know or that is irrelevant. Here are three webinars that we think are worth checking out.

Social Talent

These guys make the bold claim that they will turn you into a ‘Recruiting Ninja’ and we can truly say they know what they are doing. We’ve completed their Black Belt training and feel this is definitely one to check out. As well as this training they offer weekly webinars (held on Wednesdays).


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Recruiting Webinars 

Looking to improve your job descriptions, want to become a data driven recruiter or want to improve your employer branding?



Offer both free and paid for courses covering topics like tech recruiting trends, using SEO to hire and sourcing tips.


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