Choosing the right recruiting tools for the job

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

In fact, we’re spoiled for choice. Finding the tools that meet your specific recruitment needs, or that work best with your existing recruiting software, are the real challenges.  Here’s our advice on picking the right tools for your team.

The wealth of online tools available for recruiting and HR, can almost be overawing. Literally every stage, as early as conception to employee retention, has a number of corresponding tools. Want to improve your advertising? There’s a tool for that. Want to get information on the employment background of a candidate? There’s five tools for that. Want to use social media for candidate sourcing? There’s three dozen tools for that. Knowing what’s going to be most effective for your needs, or knowing what will play well with your primary recruiting tools can be difficult. We’ve picked a few for your consideration.

Posting Jobs

You know what you need and want in a candidate, but how do you let a them know that they’re what you need and want in a candidate? How you advertise and how you initially engage with applicants has a lasting impact.


Job postings are very often the stage of recruiting that get the least love and recruiting tools could change this. Tools like Textio are a pretty interesting way of analysing your job ads. Textio actually scores your posting and can pick up on passages that might affect candidates with a certain personality profile.


While digital tools certainly speed up the networking process, there’s often little that can beat meeting face-to-face. MeetUp helps you quickly and efficiently network with a group of potential candidates.


Social Recruiting

LinkedIn is often regarded the be all and end-all of social recruiting. There’s no denying that LinkedIn and its various tools are incredibly useful to the recruiting process, but there’s a whole world of social recruiting tools out there.


Followerwonk, for one, is used for advanced searches on Twitter, taking people’s bio description and matching them to your search terms. If you’re looking for a graphic designer in Manchester or a financial accountant in Limerick, Followerwonk may be the way to go.


Advanced Searching and Specialised recruiting

Advanced search tools can be a great help at the sourcing stage. PeekYou is a way of getting an overview of a candidate’s entire web presence, which is great for doing initial reference checks.


When recruiting for specialised skillsets, it may be a good idea to use specialised means of sourcing candidates. Github is not just a resource for techies, it’s a resource for finding techies.  On the other end of the spectrum, sites like Behance are great for finding candidate portfolios for creative roles.

Recruiting Software

A one stop shop for recruitment software. Recruitment software like HireHive is hard to beat when it comes to effective recruitment tools. They offer a unified, centralised communications, reporting, scheduling and screening tool.


HireHive also functions in tandem with many of these tools, quite significantly, LinkedIn. Recruiting software is the starting point, to which many of these tools can work in compliment to. For the main event, it’s difficult to beat recruiting software.


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