Tools for creating powerful images for your social media posts

Dave Hall
Dave Hall

Instead of having to rely on a bevy of designers to create images for social media posts, why not do it yourself? It’s far easier than you think and you don’t need a degree in computer science or design to do it.

It is hugely important to use strong, powerful images when sharing jobs and promoting your company brand on social media. Read our post on social media and branding to learn more about the importance of a strong social recruiting strategy.

We have picked two great tools for creating images in your social media posts. Let’s get started.

Pablo by Buffer


This is the simplest way we know of creating banners for social media posts. We’ve always been a fan of Buffer and they have created a winner with this app. 

There is no login, so you can start straight away. It has a really simple interface. Simply type out your message, change the size of your font and font face over one of the hundreds of attractive images they provide. To help you along, they give you plenty of templates and options to choose the right dimensions for a few of biggest social media sites.



This is a bigger brother of Pablo, slightly more advanced and you need to create an account. So if you like dabbling in a bit in Art and design, Canva is very powerful and user friendly.

They have many design options to choose from and include plenty of templates for many different occasions. We really love their excellent design tutorials that will get you inspired.

So, go on, start creating your own images for social media posts to get people really engaged with your content.

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