Inspirational Instagram recruiting quotes

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

We all have that one friend or five on Instagram who shares a couple of quotes every week. When we see them, we get a burst of inspiration and motivation (unless you really hate motivational quotes). But how about recruiting quotes? We don’t see recruiting quotes very often.

With the summer in full swing, we thought we’d share a few inspirational recruiting quotes to get you through the last few weeks before holidays. You may find them almost too relatable. Anyway, here you go.


Honesty is the key to successful hiring. Ensure you know exactly what skills your candidates must have to succeed. If you are not familiar with these skills, research them. Test these skills throughout the interview process and give candidates as much detail as possible about their potential role. 



Recruitment is all about keeping your eye on the finishing line. Sure, finding that security analyst with 5-7 years experience is difficult, but believe in yourself. Stand out from the crowd when contacting candidates. 


Candidate connections

You will not win over every candidate, but it is great when you do. Especially when they do not mind your direct LinkedIn messages. A positive reply from one of these is enough to make anyone’s day!


You’re the best around

Never settling for second best is key in successful recruiting. Sometimes, it might take reaching out to a passive candidate on LinkedIn to close a position. If you do not try, you will never know.



Having a rapport with applicants is everything. When interviewing candidates, you are asking all sorts of questions, even some peculiar ones to really suss out candidates. While some candidates react well, some are taken by surprise and we understand that. 


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