What we learned about modern recruitment at the Dublin Tech Summit

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill

Set in the Convention Centre, Dublin Tech Summit brought together a mix of startups and more seasoned companies to discuss the technology of tomorrow. As a recruitment software company, HireHive was naturally drawn to the startup and recruitment discussions that took place throughout day one.

Lessons on start up success and recruitment

One presentation that instantly sought our attention at the Dublin Tech Summit was ‘Why I quit my dream job to found a startup’ by Michael Hurnaus, CEO at Tractive. This topic was instantly relevant and a must-see for anyone in the technology startup space. 

1. There is no conventional route to success

Listening to Michael’s story, it is clear that there is no set route in becoming a startup success. He first undertook an internship in land surveying before working at Microsoft. Through immense effort and enthusiasm, Michael eventually landed his ‘dream job’ as a ‘Technical Program Manager’ at Amazon. While Michael loved his job, he was attracted by the autonomy in founding his own startup. 

2. Have dreams, but be realistic

Driven by dreams of eternal financial stability, unlimited vacation time, the opportunity to work from anywhere and hiring his dream team, Michael honestly reveals that hiring his dream team has been his main success. He reiterated that those primarily driven by financial gain should not build a startup. This shows that a passion for what you do is far more important than dreams of material success in entrepreneurship. 

Dublin Tech Summit

3. Hire the right people

Hiring the right people in a startup is absolutely essential. If someone is a bad ‘cultural fit’, the whole company morale is affected. Michael is a strong advocate for hiring people based on their personality and skill set and believes this contributes strongly to startup success. 

4. Get your team’s feedback

To ensure long term employee satisfaction, Michael recommends holding regular meetings with team members to get their feedback. These meetings allow employees to flag any areas of contention and increase feelings of value and self worth. 

Learnings on the future of talent retention

Another area of interest explored at the tech summit was talent retention. This is one of the most pressing issues in recruitment today and Diarmuid Russell, Head of International at Glassdoor, set out to address how companies must deal with the ‘transparency revolution’ heightened by the digital age. 

1. Employees need more from their workplace

In general, employees are no longer happy to work 9-5 in the same city, within the same company for 10 years. This is a fact employers must face. Employees want to find work that pays the bills, but also work that benefits their health, well being and desire to travel, among other things. 

2. Organisations are more transparent than ever

With sites like Glassdoor offering employees the opportunity to air their views publicly, organisations are more under the spotlight than ever. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing for organisations. As Diarmuid explains, organisations should look at Glassdoor reviews as opportunities to become better places to work. 

Dublin tech summit

3. Employees are your real brand advocates 

Forget fancy advertising campaigns, if you treat your staff well they will spread good company vibes for you.

According to one statistic, 75% of people consult a peer before deciding on a brand, the same applies to an employer.

Will someone be tempted to work for an organisation that treats their employees poorly? No.

4. Offer employees competitive benefits

Niche benefits such as free lunch and unique experiences are becoming just as important as core benefits such as holidays and pensions. With Glassdoor also allowing users to show what benefits companies offer, it is easy for potential candidates to see what companies are offering the best experiences overall. By offering people something different, Diarmuid explains that employees are happier and more likely to remain in a company.

The conclusion..

While there were many interesting discussions at the Dublin tech summit, we found these insights on startup success, recruitment and talent retention particularly fascinating.

We look forward to seeing what the Dublin tech summit brings in years to come!

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