The Six Super ways to get your interview strategy right

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Your interview strategy can make or break a recruiting project. How can you set your interview experience apart from the competition and win top candidates? And how can your recruiting software help?

Getting the interview strategy right is essential in any recruiting project. You want to put your candidate at ease, but also get the best out of them. How can your interview strategy ensure that? Here are a few tips on how to change up your interview process and how your recruiting software can support you.

Prepare candidate profiles

If you have received a suitable amount of applications and you have whittled them down to a group you want to interview, it is a good idea to prepare a candidate profile. By noting what you know about a candidate and what you would like to find out, you will be able to get beyond the obvious in an interview and get to the stuff you really want to know about.

Your recruiting software will have gathered any candidate information and put it all in one place for you. HireHive will keep any candidate information and correspondence all in one place. Another resource for candidate information is social media, particularly LinkedIn.

Nobody knows your organisation better than your existing employees

Involve current employees

Nobody knows your organisation better than your existing employees. If they are going to be working in close proximity to the potential new hires, they will know exactly the kind of person the role needs.

By including your employees in the interview or pre-interview process, you will get your colleagues’ input. You will also see if the candidate meshes well with your existing team, which will be a good indicator of culture match.

Open house style interviews and screening

Throw open your doors and watch the candidates come to you. By having an open house event, you will be able to bring the industry professionals to you and determine what they might be able to bring to your organisation.

This is a great opportunity to potentially bring passive candidates into your organisation and show them what you have to offer. A quick chat with a candidate reveals so much about them, so this kind of strategy can be highly effective and efficient.

Industry events are a great way to let passive candidates know that you are hiring

Industry events… that are not necessarily recruiting events

This is more of a screening and recruitment marketing strategy, but definitely worth considering. Individuals from your organisation may already regularly attend these events, but why not bring someone from your recruitment team along?

Industry events are a great way to let passive candidates know that you are hiring, without being too forward. They also offer the chance to assess their speciality areas and industry knowledge. This type of interview strategy is highly beneficial to your short and long term recruiting efforts.

Video interviewing or screening

Video is effective for both screening and interviewing. For screening, you can put together a set of questions relevant to the role and get candidates’ responses. Depending on the role, you can even use social media platforms like Instagram or Snapchat.

You can use Skype to interview for remote candidates, so that you don’t lose the human touch in such a recruiting project. HireHive can be used effectively here, as it offers a recruiting scheduling tool. This makes it much easier to manage interviews over different time zones or significant distances.

Including assessments in the interview process

This is a very useful technique. There is no better way of getting a candidate to demonstrate their skills than putting a task in front of them, so why not include it in the interviewing process? If you are seeking candidates with a very specific skill set, especially in the area of technology, this is a great opportunity to implement this strategy.

This is also a great way of assessing a candidate’s soft skills – being able to work with your team is essential. HireHive helps you to generate candidate scorecards, which will help you to assess their performance in any such tests.

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