The what, why and how of mobile recruiting

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill


Let’s begin with a definition shall we? Mobile recruiting involves the use of products such as smartphones and tablets to attract, engage and maintain relationships throughout the entire recruitment process.

While mobile recruiting has been around for the past couple of years, it is becoming more important for organisations to implement mobile into their recruitment strategies. Although this may seem like a scary concept for some, mobile recruiting can greatly benefit your overall process and make you more competitive.

With more people using their mobiles every day to actively research employers, it is clear that recruiting is no longer a one way street. To find the best candidates, you need to understand candidate behaviour and adapt your recruiting strategies accordingly.

You may be wondering ‘why can’t things stay the same? My recruitment process is working for me.’ Read more to find out!

But why?

Mobile recruiting reaches candidates where they are most active

With more than 2 billion people worldwide using smartphones, you could be missing out on a huge market by not implementing mobile recruiting. People are using their smartphones for all kinds of tasks, including searching for jobs. According to Glassdoor, 9 in 10 job seekers search for jobs via mobile. Given this figure, it is almost essential to ensure that your application process is mobile optimised.

You find talent sooner in their job search

According to Jane Wang, CEO of Optimity, organisations can find talent sooner by implementing mobile optimised career sites. She explains how job seekers often begin their job search via mobile, then search for more information via desktop. With this is mind, it is important that your careers site is mobile-friendly.

The whole recruiting process is much easier

Mobile makes recruitment easier for both you and your candidates. It is much easier to allow a candidate to upload their resume via mobile than switching to a personal computer. In 2014, a report found that 20% of job seekers would abandon a job application if they couldn’t complete it via mobile. This proves that mobile recruiting can help you hire faster and more satisfied candidates.


Optimise your careers site for mobile

All of you recruiters/ employers need to ensure that your careers site is mobile-friendly across all platforms. When a potential candidate is interested in your company, the first thing they will do is research. If they are interested in a vacancy, the last thing they want is a career page that won’t load.

Remember: only a quarter of companies have their career site optimised for mobile, so in doing this, you are being highly competitive.

Keep your job descriptions short

What’s more irritating than a career page that barely loads? A tedious and convoluted job description. Whether you are posting on a job board or your own careers page, use short, concise descriptions that are visually attractive on a small screen. To further ensure that your job descriptions are optimised for small screens, make sure your description is easy to read, scroll through and has a definitive call-to-action.

Create a simple application process

Leave the long-winded application processes to one side, and focus on what is required of candidates at the initial stage. Are there any questions that you could ask at a later stage? Web viewers are increasingly time-sensitive so creating a direct and simple application process will help you garner many great candidates. To make the candidate experience even better, offer resume upload options that link to their LinkedIn profile, Dropbox, Google Drive and other file hosting devices.

Whenever you choose to implement your mobile recruiting strategy, ensure that it is user-friendly and convenient for candidates. While traditional methods of recruiting will never become obsolete, don’t risk missing out a growing market of job seekers.

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