Tools for making the most of LinkedIn when recruiting

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

87% of recruiters are using LinkedIn and we can see why. The steadfast position that LinkedIn holds in the world of HR and recruiting means that it’s the yardstick – the resource that everything else is measuring up to.

The clout that LinkedIn has means that other tools are built especially for it and build around it. For every and any task that you have as a recruiter, someone has developed on LinkedIn’s already impressive arsenal of tools to meet those requirements.

Here are just a few LinkedIn tools that will help you get the most out of recruiting’s most ubiquitous online tool.

1. LinkedIn content tools

Within the LinkedIn barn, there’s a multitude of great tools at your disposal. Among them are some very interesting means of posting content to build your brand as a recruiter.

You’ve got Elevate to share approved content. Employees can also share this content. You’ve also now got the option to post long-form blog posts as well as updates. Career pages within LinkedIn are an effortless way of creating a company careers page. On top of that, you’ve got the Pulse app for keeping au fait with goings on in your industry.

2. LinkedIn plugins

To make sure that LinkedIn and your company webpages draw in candidates, there are a number of plugins on offer. These plugins allow candidates to follow your organisation instantly or let you share jobs with potential candidates.

3. Profile Views extension for Chrome

Even LinkedIn’s paid-for tools cannot show you everyone who’s visited your LinkedIn page, so this Chrome extension is certainly a nifty tool for recruiting. The insights provided by Profile Views will tell you what candidates have already visited your page. If candidates are interested in your company, maybe they’re interested in working for your company.

4. Crystal

This one is pretty cool. Again a Chrome extension, Crystal allows you to take a candidate’s LinkedIn profile and get an overview of what a candidate is likely to be like. The tool advises you how best to communicate with candidates and how to broach a job offer to them. It even advises on areas where the candidate may have strong feelings one way or another. Simply put, you get a neat personality profile of a candidate.

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