12 Feb 2018


Multiple accounts

Option to set up Master account with a dashboard to manage all other sub accounts. 

Cluster list

18 Dec 2017


Restricted Notes

We added ‘restricted notes’ which allows you to create ‘private notes’ on a candidate’s profile that can only be seen by team members that have access to ‘Restricted candidate information’. This access level can be given to Admins, Users and Reviewers.

restricted information

15 Dec 2017


Sponsorship on Indeed

Now you can sponsor your job posting on Indeed (the world’s #1 job site with over 200 million monthly visitors) directly within HireHive. Sponsored Jobs appear in the most prominent areas of the search results, driving more applications to your job.

Sponsor on Indeed

How to sponsor a job from HireHive:

1. Post a job in HireHive.
2. Click “Sponsor Job on Indeed.”
3. Select your budget and complete your purchase.
4. If you have a funded Indeed account, your campaign will begin.
5. If you do not have an existing Indeed account, one will be created for you. You will receive an email directing you to input billing information and start your campaign.

13 Dec 2017


User levels

User settings have been improved to allow more granular access to HireHive ensuring you can add all team members to your account.

There are three team member access levels:

Admin: Can see all jobs and all candidates (e.g  HR Director, VP of HR, Lead Recruiter, Recruiter, Head of Recruiting)

User: Can see assigned jobs and assigned candidates (e.g  Recruiting Coordinators, Schedulers, Sourcers)

Reviewer: Can see candidates at assigned stages (e.g Hiring Managers, any other team members who need candidate only access)


23 Nov 2017


Employee Referrals Portal

Employee referrals are a very valuable tool for many companies so we have made a lot of improvements to our employee referrals portal making it better and easier than ever to use. The main changes are listed here.

  • Automated referral job creation – You will no longer need to create a ‘referral campaign’ – all jobs that are published will automatically be open to referrals.
  • Domain email log in for employees – You can now send an email to all employees asking them to help you hire by using just their email address to sign in. You do not need to add employees manually if you use this option.
  • Default reward setting – You do not need to set a customised reward for each job but can instead use default referral rewards. If you would like a specific reward for a job you can still do so. 

New dashboard for employees: Referring people you know for jobs at your company is now really easy. From your dashboard you get all the information on existing referrals and a full listing of jobs that you can share on social media or add a friend for.

employee referrals dashboard


17 Oct 2017


Delay emails

This feature has been highly requested from your customers and today we are delighted to release this new update.

You can now schedule emails to deliver at a later date. This is very useful for sending regret emails to a candidate and you would like to wait a few days before you send the email.

Schedule delayed email

16 Oct 2017


Duplicate forms

You can now duplicate application questions and follow-up forms.

Forms are time-consuming to create so we wanted to make it much faster.

Duplicate forms

10 Oct 2017


Additional search options

We’ve improved the search options to allow you to search in a specific field only. This can be used to find candidates that have a certain tag you are looking for.

Also, in the advanced search options you can now search for referred candidates only.

Search options

01 Oct 2017


More job information displayed

We’ve updated the design of each job row to include more details such as job category and language if you are using our multi-lingual feature.

Job details

29 Sep 2017


Improved subscription layout

Design improvements to the subscription page.

You can now view an upcoming invoice before it’s paid on the renewal date.

Also, we’ve updated the design of the invoice to be more print friendly.

01 Aug 2017


Knowledge Centre

Improved search of support documentation on HireHive Knowledge Centre.


HireHive - Support Section

21 Jul 2017


Display and apply for jobs directly on your site

We’ve created a new version of our job listing widget which allows candidates to apply for jobs you created in HireHive from your own website.


12 Jun 2017


2 Step Authentication

2 Step Authentication Options have been added to all Big Hive + accounts. This can be enabled/disabled on a user level.

2 Step Authentication adds another level of security to the account. A code generated via an app on your mobile device will be required to log in if 2 Step Authentication is enabled.

2 Step Authentication - HireHive

25 May 2017


External Recruiter Portal

Add staffing/recruitment agency users to your account. External recruiters will have a designated portal allowing them to view only jobs assigned to them.

External recruiters can submit candidates via this portal and the candidate will appear in HireHive with an ‘Agency’ flag. Potential duplicate candidates are also flagged in the dashboard.

potential duplicate


03 Feb 2017


Candidate Timeline

Improved candidate timeline allows users to get an overview of all actions taken on the candidate since the application was received. 


31 Jan 2017


Feedback Forms

You can now give/request feedback on candidates in HireHive.

You can create feedback forms in Settings that can be completed directly in the candidates profile or sent to another HireHive user to complete. 

Once completed the feedback form is stored within the candidate’s profile on HireHive.


31 Jan 2017


Sharing a candidate profile with external users

It is now possible to share the full candidate profile with external users via unique URL. 

A link to the candidate profile can be sent and ‘Notes’ can be added by the external user for feedback on the candidate.

share candidate

14 Nov 2016


Restore Candidate/Job

If you accidentally delete a candidate/job you will now see a ‘Restore’ option shown. This allows you to restore the deleted candidate/job while still on the same page.

14 Nov 2016


Search update

The Search bar has now been moved to the top of the listing for jobs and candidates. This search function has been updated to an instant search improving the speed and accuracy  of results shown. 


‘Rejected’ candidates are no longer shown in the default listing of candidates. To include these in a full search you can select ‘Include rejected’ 


The ‘History’ button stores your most recent searches allowing you to search again for these with just one click. 

14 Nov 2016


Updated Dashboard

The jobs and candidates dashboard has been updated to allow users to more easily scan through results. This new dashboard theme also more closely matches the overall product branding with some slight changes of colour. The updated listing allows for more results to be shown on the page as well as more information.