Product updates

08 Aug 2017


Add jobs to your website using our new iFrame. This will allow candidates to apply directly on your website – resulting in a seamless application process where the candidate never has to leave your website.


12 Jun 2017


2 Step Authentication Options have been added to all Big Hive + accounts. This can be enabled/disabled on a user level.

2 Step Authentication adds another level of security to the account. A code generated via an app on your mobile device will be required to log in if 2 Step Authentication is enabled.

2 Step Authentication - HireHive

25 May 2017


Add staffing/recruitment agency users to your account. External recruiters will have a designated portal allowing them to view only jobs assigned to them.

External recruiters can submit candidates via this portal and the candidate will appear in HireHive with an ‘Agency’ flag. Potential duplicate candidates are also flagged in the dashboard.

potential duplicate


03 Feb 2017


Improved candidate timeline allows users to get an overview of all actions taken on the candidate since the application was received. 


31 Jan 2017


You can now give/request feedback on candidates in HireHive.

You can create feedback forms in Settings that can be completed directly in the candidates profile or sent to another HireHive user to complete. 

Once completed the feedback form is stored within the candidate’s profile on HireHive.


31 Jan 2017


It is now possible to share the full candidate profile with external users via unique URL. 

A link to the candidate profile can be sent and ‘Notes’ can be added by the external user for feedback on the candidate.

share candidate

14 Nov 2016


If you accidentally delete a candidate/job you will now see a ‘Restore’ option shown. This allows you to restore the deleted candidate/job while still on the same page.

14 Nov 2016


The Search bar has now been moved to the top of the listing for jobs and candidates. This search function has been updated to an instant search improving the speed and accuracy  of results shown. 


‘Rejected’ candidates are no longer shown in the default listing of candidates. To include these in a full search you can select ‘Include rejected’ 


The ‘History’ button stores your most recent searches allowing you to search again for these with just one click. 

14 Nov 2016


The jobs and candidates dashboard has been updated to allow users to more easily scan through results. This new dashboard theme also more closely matches the overall product branding with some slight changes of colour. The updated listing allows for more results to be shown on the page as well as more information. 


10 Oct 2016


Quickly turn on/off new candidate email alerts from the job dashboard page using the star icon. 



06 Sep 2016


Share on LinkedIn

We’ve added LinkedIn company page posting – you can now share your jobs on any LinkedIn company pages that you manage. You can also upload a new image to this update and edit the description.


22 Aug 2016


Recommend HireHive

We introduced a new recommend us feature within the app. User’s can now recommend HireHive to people who might like to manage their hiring.

REcommend us

15 Aug 2016


Reply to Notes

Now you can respond to admin notes from your email Inbox. You no longer have to log in to HireHive to reply to a note. Click ‘Reply’ from your Gmail, Outlook or other provider to send your response.

Reply to note

05 Aug 2016


Reply to Email

Now you can easily respond to candidate emails straight from your email Inbox. You no longer have to log in to HireHive to reply to a candidate just click ‘Reply’ from your Gmail, Outlook or other provider to send your response.



01 Aug 2016


Unread Notifications

When a candidate replies to an email an ‘unread’ notification will appear in the Menu on ‘Messages’ as well as in the candidates profile to alert you to any unread messages.


Follow candidate

Now you can assign other users to follow a candidate conversation. 

26 Jul 2016


Global actions button

We have designed a new global task button. This lets you create new jobs, candidates and referrals on any page.


15 Jul 2016


New navigation menu

We have redesigned the side menu, so now it is responsive and includes sub navigation items.

New Nav Menu

29 Jun 2016


EEO-1/OFCCP Survey Automation Update
Collect and analyse candidate data. Export EEO reporting data.

20 Jun 2016



Major overhaul of reports.

Views and application graphs updated and conversion rate data added.

Rerports charts

Candidate flow report added.

Progress chart


23 May 2016


Interview Scheduling
Set up interviews with candidates through HireHive. Invite the candidate and colleagues and send a personalised email invite.

Integrates with calendars like Google and Outlook allowing attendees to easily accept or decline the invite.

email invite

Agenda Page

Keep track of whether your invites have been accepted in your Agenda page.



29 Apr 2016


New mobile and homescreen icon for app.

30 Mar 2016


Hiring team categories

Now you can assign Hiring Managers to a location e.g. London office or to a department e.g. Sales Team
You can then select that entire category when assigning users to a job.

HH Team Category GIF

19 Mar 2016


Auto Tagging Candidates

You can now ‘auto-tag’ candidates based on the answers they give in their application.

When creating a custom question just add a ‘new tag’. If a candidate answers this question they will automatically tag them.  

15 Feb 2016


CV Parsing
You can now drag/upload a CV/resume to the system and all available information will be added to the candidate details page for you.

CV Parsing

04 Feb 2016


Apply with LinkedIn on Careers Site
We have added an ‘Apply with LinkedIn’ button on job application pages. This makes it easier and faster for potential candidates to apply for a role through company careers site.

Apply with LinkedIn

27 Jan 2016


Preview questions when adding job
Can now preview custom candidate questions if included in job creation process.

26 Jan 2016


Team permissions
Hiring Managers can now assign jobs. This permission must be enabled when an Admin adds a Hiring Manager.

Add new HM

Private email templates can now be created. These will not appear for other team members. Hiring Managers can now also create private email templates.


New add job section

The ‘Add Job’ process has been improved with stepped actions. Admins can now also add team members (Hiring Managers and other Admins) when adding a job.

Add Job

25 Jan 2016


Career site
New category search options.

New Career Site Categories

Candidate status
Candidate status popovers on jobs listing page, replacing heavy modal making it easier to see details.

Candidate status popover

14 Jan 2016


Candidate Details
‘CV’ tab will be shown when a candidate is in the ‘New’ stage. If a candidate is further along the process (at any other stage of the pipeline) the ‘Overview’ tab will be shown. 

Overview tab

All candidate actions (e.g editing/forwarding/deleting)  and status drop-down are now grouped for ease of access.

Undo functionality
Undo job and note deletion.


Candidate Details
Redesigned tabs, status dropdown and status colour palette

07 Jan 2016


Speed Improvements
We are taking advantage of new features in Service Worker, such as caching that speeds up page load. Visible speed improvement. Only works with latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

06 Jan 2016


You can now save report data into spreadsheets.

05 Jan 2016


Forward candidate
UI redesigned. Now opens in modal for faster use.

New welcome screen for referrals contacts.

Jobs list
You can now close job from jobs list.

04 Dec 2015


VAT added to invoices and pricing.


Candidate experience re designed. New sign in page and messaging.

Candidate email fixed.

23 Nov 2015


Candidate avatar has now been removed from Candidate Listing and Inbox. We felt it was not aiding scanning.

Re designed ‘Change status’ dropdown on Candidate Details page to be more prominent. Status is clearer.

Status labels are now colour coded for easier scanning.

Reorganised ‘Careers’ section.

04 Nov 2015


Job Board 
Listing of all HireHive company jobs with search function.

29 Oct 2015


‘Internal’ jobs status added.

Setting up account message added.


@mention function in notes to fix IE bugs.

New help section launched that can be accessed in main menu.

16 Oct 2015


Highlighted Search
When searching on Candidate’s page, search now brings back highlighted snippets from CVs, Cover letter text and tags.

Recipient and status shown in Quicklist panel
In Candidate’s profile page, status is now shown in Candidate’s Quicklist panel. In Email page, recipient is shown in Quicklist panel.


Email layout
Email layout has been revised making it clearer to scan and less cluttered. Conversations are coloured and broken out into bubbles. 

15 Oct 2015


Text editor
Text edit bar moves down on scroll in job description editor.

14 Oct 2015


Status linking to email templates
If status changed to rejected prompt appears to send rejection email to speed up workflow.


Candidate details
Back to Search button clearly defined.
When linking candidate to a different role, option to select existing CV or upload new file.


12 Oct 2015


WordPress plugin
WordPress jobs plugin launched.


Customisable careers pages
Option to add banner image, text, video and change layout.