Why we use Intercom for customer support at HireHive

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill

The mission of Intercom is to make business personal. It allows companies, such as ours, to have real conversations with customers. Designed to resemble the messaging apps we use everyday, Intercom allows you to talk to consumers from inside your app, across your website and via email. But with so many customer support platforms out there, why did we choose Intercom?

It’s simple

The thing we love most about Intercom is it’s simplicity. Nowadays, there are often too many ways to contact a company that ends in a messy system, as well as frustrated customers. Intercom streamlines this process by providing a one-stop-shop for customer support.

With Intercom, it is self-explanatory where customers need to address their queries. There is a blue chat box in the right hand corner of our software where customers pop in their queries. Once customers send their questions, the team members linked to customer support at HireHive are notified via email.


Intercom is personal

Once we receive the chat notification, we have the option to craft individual and personal replies via email or within the Intercom app. If we reply within the Intercom app, we can attach a useful article from the integrated help centre, add a saved reply, add images and files – whatever is most suitable to the query at hand.


Intercom provides a much more authentic experience for our customers, as opposed to using automated messages that don’t really deal with the issue at hand. Personalised messages may not always scale well, but they do increase customer loyalty and satisfaction. You must remember that customers want human interaction when faced with problems – robots can’t replace everything!

Intuitive and informative

Within the Intercom app, we can see all our customers and how they are interacting with our software. We can track and filter customer data, as well as view customer profiles. This means we can tap into what our customers are experiencing and consequently, learn how we can improve our platform.

Before we even answer a customer’s questions, Intercom displays a customer profile that assists us in finding a solution faster. We can see when they were last active, how many web sessions they’ve had and what plan they are on. We can also see easily if another team member is working on a conversation, which helps avoid overlap and duplicate answers.

Help centre integration

Of course, supporting our customers isn’t all about responding to problems, but educating them too. With intercom’s ‘educate’ tools, we were able to integrate the help section on our website and improve it. This means, we can easily attach articles to replies and educate our customers about our product.

Customer feedback

Another part of supporting our customers is actively engaging with them and informing them of useful product updates. Using the ‘engage’ feature, we can send updates to all our customers who can then give feedback through emojis or a more detailed reply. These messages are fully tracked and help us improve our product.


A final note

Through Intercom’s respond, educate and engage features, we are able to fully support our customers along their HireHive journey.

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