3 benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill

While there are many resources available to help employers source and hire, recruitment agencies are still pivotal to many organisations. Whether you are hiring for a myriad of jobs on a regular basis or an organisation looking for specialised talent, there is an agency for everybody. Before ruling out partnering with an agency, it may be good to review how they could benefit your organisation.

1. A Recruitment agency can save you time

As an employer, time is your most precious resource and unfortunately, hiring new staff is a long term process. In allowing a recruitment agency to control your hiring needs, you have more time to focus on the daily operations of your organisation.

While you may know best what you need from a new hire, recruitment is more than matching a candidate to a role. For any one role, you may have to sift through a 100 CVs, then narrow this list down to 20 strong candidates. Not to mention, screening, interviewing and reference checking each candidate. Many organisations do not have time to do all this.

The right recruitment agency can effectively source, phone screen and prepare candidates, before they meet you for a final interview. As you will only focus your efforts on screening a few candidates, your hiring process becomes much more streamlined. Overall, you are saving valuable time and garnering suitable candidates in the most efficient way.

2. You can save money

While you may want to recruit quickly, you don’t want to spend your money on a bad hire. According to this infographic, a bad hire can cost a company up to $50,000. This employee not only wastes your money, but can also affect the long term company morale and culture.

As recruitment agencies are experts in identifying top talent, your chances of recruiting a bad hire are significantly less. You must remember that recruitment agencies are dealing with a variety of candidates every day and can tell who will benefit your company financially. As training and onboarding a new employee comes at a significant cost, it is worth enlisting expert help when needed.

3. Recruiters have the necessary hiring skill set

This point may sound like a no-brainer, but remember that recruiters are trained to give you access to top candidates. It is their job to know the hiring market inside out and to know best how to convey your business to potential candidates. Their market-specific knowledge will ensure that candidates know about the competitive benefits and opportunities your business offers.

Some recruitment agencies have a proven track record of pairing clients with great candidates, so it is worth doing your research before deciding on an agency. Your agency of choice may already be working with a top candidate who is looking for their next dream job. A good recruiter will always analyse both this candidate’s cultural fit and hard skills for the job in question before making a hiring decision.

A final word

Recruitment agencies not only save you time and money, but they also have the necessary skills to ensure you are making the best hiring decisions. Sophisticated recruitment practices, coupled with the competitive jobs market, mean that expert recruitment agencies are needed more than ever. Before embarking on a long-term partnership with an agency, be sure to thoroughly research all your options.

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