What alternatives are there to recruiting software?

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Recruiting software seems to be the go-to recruiting tool nowadays. You can manage applications, internal referrals and reporting all from one place. You can post advertisements to various jobs boards or even create a custom careers site. Communications and scheduling can also be dealt with from your ATS.

That is all well and good, but what is wrong with a bit of old-fashioned good work? Getting your sleeves rolled up and getting down to the grindstone? Why do you need the one tool, when you could get creative with tools you already have?

If an ATS doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that would up your recruiting game, maybe a few of the following might help with your hiring efforts.


Image by Michael Coghlan.

1. Tinder to find candidates

Swipe right for a career in financial accounting! Great for hiring millennials.

2. Signal lamp for contacting candidates

Emails are left wide open to various risks, whether they just get ignored or filtered as spam. Signalling is one of the oldest methods of communication and is also fantastic for recruiting in the dark.

3. Don’t trust artificial intelligence?

Allow animals to randomly shortlist your candidates. Works well with sports (See: Paul the Octopus, Euro 2012). Animals have great natural instincts.

4. Post job ads to telegraph poles

Telephone boxes are no good, because there’s not so many around and you want to reach as many candidates as possible. Also effective for missing cats.


5. “Would you rather?” questions in interviews

Nothing displays someone’s verbal reasoning skills, than their answer to the question: would you rather fight 50 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck?

6. Direct marketing campaign

Drive around in a van, handing sweets out to raise brand awareness – what could go wrong?

7. Twitter polls for gathering metrics

Twitter is a reliable for getting a measured, reasoned reaction, right?


8. Referrals program? No thanks

Instead of referrals program, just ask your friend who always knows a guy. We all have the one contact who always knows a guy, who can do a thing. Who needs to get into specifics?

If all of those reasons have not quite convinced you to scrap the old-school techniques for recruiting then MAYBE  consider employing online recruiting software in your hiring efforts.

A centralised tool might give the benefit of automatic reporting, improved communications (as well as candidate experience), but what can beat the feeling of mild confusion and stress, or the weighty feel of a stack of CVs in your hand? Maybe we have it too easy these days.



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