Candidate appreciation: good perks that will win you top candidates

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Perks are often a deciding factor for potential employees. Free snacks and unlimited time off are becoming more and more common in the workplace. Some do not even view these as perks, but essentials in the workplace.

A little bit of creativity and budget can go a long way in setting up an employee benefits program

A little bit of creativity and budget can go a long way in setting up an employee benefits program. From new hires, to office stalwarts, everyone likes to be shown a little appreciation. Here’s a few ideas to incorporate into your range of employee perks.

Time off for charitable work

A growing number of companies are offering paid time off for charitable work or community work. This is an obvious perk for employees who wish to get socially engaged. Employees might not have time to participate in these activities, so if your organisation can facilitate this, it would be appreciated by your staff.

This perk enhances employee morale and also offers personal development. Offering this to prospective employees will illustrate the values of your organisation and appeal to candidates who share them.

Clubs, sports or gym membership

Team sports are always a winner for groups of colleagues. It builds a sense of teamwork and healthy competition. It helps teammates to mix in a non-workplace environment, improving working relationships. Companies who provide budget for team sports also benefit from the advertising.

Studies have also observed improved performance in employees of companies who offer gym membership. Catering to the sporting interests and wellness of employees boosts morale. It may be the difference between hiring and losing top candidates.


An employee who further develops their skills is always going to be valuable to an organisation. Not only that, but providing for further education and training will be a display of respect to employees’ hard work. An educational assistance policy, as part of your perks program will be a considerable draw when recruiting prospective employees.

On boarding gifts for new hires

When the competition for top candidates gets tough, it may be the little things that swing it for an organisation. Gifts like electronics or tickets are always an instant appeal for those in contention for a job at your company.

It’s not just one for prospective employees. Occasional gifts for existing employees will let them know that their work is appreciated. It does not have to be expensive or extravagant: a gift will make an employee feel like more than just a cog in the machine.

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