The benefits of using Facebook job posting in your recruiting process

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill

This feature is available to US and Canadian businesses in the next few weeks and is expected to be released in other countries too. So how can Facebook, who has dominated in the social networking space compete with the likes of LinkedIn and other job dedicated sites? More importantly, how can Facebook job posting help your recruiting process? 

Facebook job posting

A simple experience 

Facebook job posting is hassle-free. It takes less than 5 minutes to post a job on your company’s Facebook page, track applications and communicate with applicants through Messenger. Jobs may appear in people’s news feeds, in the new jobs bookmark and alongside posts on other business pages. This all ensures that your job postings reach as wide an audience as possible. 

The process is similarly effortless for applicants. When they click on the ‘Apply now’ button, a form will open that is pre-populated with information from their profile. Of course, applicants can always edit and review their information beforehand. This simple and fast application process is sure to be popular with candidates. 

Reaching a larger and more relevant audience

It is no secret that Facebook attracts a large number of users every day – 1.86 billion users to be exact. In comparison to LinkedIn’s 467 million users, Facebook reaches a considerably larger amount of potential candidates. With Facebook job posting, you can find people where they are spending most of their time – Facebook. 

Not only can Facebook help you reach a wider audience, it can also target those who are already fans of your brand. If someone likes your company page, your job listings will appear on their news feed. So by using Facebook’s new feature, you are attracting candidates who already have greater brand loyalty towards you than cold candidates. 

Facebook job posting

Facebook job posting is free…for now

At the moment, publishing jobs on Facebook is free. Considering that most job sites charge to post on their platforms, Facebook could be particularly useful for small businesses with a limited budget. Small businesses could also get some viral help from users who re-share job openings or tag job seekers.

If you want your job postings to reach specific demographics, you can pay to do so. As more and more companies are likely to benefit from Facebook’s new feature, Facebook may place limitations and fees on the number of jobs posted. A helpful warning!

One issue: privacy

While the response to Facebook job posting has been generally positive, there is one issue that could affect its success: privacy. Some applicants may be hesitant in applying for a job as employers often background check people’s Facebook profiles. Applying for a job through this new feature could make background checks even easier for employers.

Despite this glitch, Facebook’s simple job posting feature could hugely benefit your business and give you greater exposure to candidates than ever before. 

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