Building your employer brand for recruiting

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Employer brand is everything. With ever increasing competition for top talent, you need to set yourself apart from the rest. What makes your company different to work for? Demonstrating your employer brand will help you appeal to candidates; with tools like recruiting software at your disposal, this is easily done.

Careers site

The first point of call for many potential candidates is a company’s careers site. It can be an excellent resource for information about vacant roles, company ethos and employee testimonials. Also, your careers site gives a good overview of what your organisation is all about.

If you do not have a careers site or a careers section on your website, it is important to set one up as a resource to potential candidates. HireHive features a tool for setting up a custom careers site, making the task that little bit simpler.

Social media

Social media is an unparalleled tool for building your employer brand. It is worth setting up careers social media accounts, distinct from your company’s main social media page, to demonstrate what your company stands for.

Your recruiting software can help you push job postings to your various social media platforms, but you can do so much more. Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat can be used to share employee testimonials, blog posts and information on company ethos.


When thinking about building your employer brand, you must carefully consider who you want to attract. A different strategy will be required for the varying vacancies you need to hire for.

One straightforward way of establishing how to appeal to your ideal candidate is by looking at data gathered from your previous recruiting successes. Consider where and how your top candidates are finding you, so you can focus your attentions there.

Your best advocates are your current team

Employee testimonials

Your best advocates are your current team. They know the expectations, requirements, philosophy and culture of your organisation better than anyone else. Therefore, it is no surprise that employee referrals are one of the most successful means of hiring.

One particularly good way of building your employer brand and sharing that with potential hires, is by gathering employee testimonials. This is a fantastic way of demonstrating what the average day is like at your company. Not only that, it is a great way of gaining insight into your employees are thinking.

Demonstrate your culture

Most potential candidates will want to get a sense of your organisation before they apply for a job – what is your organization like to work for? Sometimes that can be difficult to convey, but through demonstrating your company’s engagement with social issues or employee benefits, you can appeal to candidates.

Where competition for talent exists, the promise of team lunches or a stand on environmental issues will appeal to prospective candidates. Studies have shown that millennials show preference for a good company culture, over higher pay, so demonstrate your culture where possible.

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