Thinking of changing recruiting software?

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Like a worn out old car that you’ve grown disproportionately attached to, it can be hard to let go of recruiting software that is past its sell-by-date. Thinking of changing this recruiting software solution? You’re probably right.

Like realising it’s time to break up, realising that your recruiting software and your organization are no longer compatible is a tough reality to face. You may have spent years together, willfully overlooking obvious flaws, ignoring the fact it couldn’t schedule interviews or simply laughing it off, when you had to manually compile metrics.

It is best for all parties involved to cut ties and move on. Your current recruiting software will respect you for it in the long run. If you’re moving into the bright new world of recruiting software, there’s so much on offer, and therefore so much to consider. Where do you even start?


The capabilities offered for internal communications with your team are central to making successful hires and ensuring everyone is in the loop. Even more important is keeping up contact with your candidates. You’ll ideally want a recruiting software solution that you can integrate with Gmail or Outlook.


Getting the word out there, whether by internal referrals, or, more significantly, through job boards, is the whole point of recruiting. If your ATS is not doing some leg work in this aspect of recruiting, it’s definitely time for a change. If you can post to multiple channels at once or create a custom careers page, you are onto a winner in your new recruiting software.


Referrals are one of the most effective, cost-saving, time-saving ways of finding relevant candidates. If your recruiting software can help you manage your employee referral program, you should grab it with both hands. If you can have a centralised means of managing this, along with applicants from other channels, you’ll have everything in one place for consideration, as well as hiring.


If you cannot automatically pull metrics on incoming applications and other aspects of your recruiting software, I have one bit of advice: RUN AWAY. Being able to measure and quantify your recruiting efforts is essential for improving this going forward. If you can pull these reports at a push of a button, better again.


You’re not hiring in a vacuum, so recruiting software that fosters teamwork is always a good idea. Data security is also an essential aspect to your ATS, as you’re managing information on candidates. Being able to selectively share candidate information really helps the recruiting process, while keeping everything airtight.

Maybe start planning your farewell to your old ATS.

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