Choosing an ATS & The Benefts For Recruiting

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

An ATS is the go-to tool for recruiters. This is no coincidence, this is no fad, it is simply the easiest, most efficient way of making successful hires. Choosing an ATS is hard work, but worth it. But, what is it about an ATS that sets it apart?

An ATS is an integrated tool for marketing, communications, metrics gathering, interviewing, to name a few.

You may wonder what the measurable benefits are, well here are a few of the benefits of using an ATS for recruiting:

1. Marketing and sourcing

The essential function of recruiting software is to bring you a good number of quality candidates. If no one knows about your vacancies, then your sourcing process is ineffective. However, an Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) overcomes this issue with a multi-modal approach to sourcing.

So, HireHive Recruiting Software will help you *deep breath* push job posts to various jobs boards, integrate with LinkedIn, manage referrals and create a custom job site. That is, from a marketing perspective, all bases covered.

2. Interoperability and customisation

If you are currently doing a balancing act, i.e. using multiple distinct tools to recruit, it is easy to waste time or overlook important information. Efficiency and overall effectiveness are greatly improved by interoperability, as well as the ability to customise.

HireHive integrates with ubiquitous tools like Outlook and Gmail for scheduling interviews. In addition, to this interview schedule software, you can customize your communications and advertising, including the careers page feature mentioned above.

3. Screening

One of the most time-consuming tasks you will face is going through the applications you receive and then whittling down your list of applicants. Interviewing will present a huge logistical challenge. This stage of the recruiting process will require significant organisation.

Recruiting software could revolutionise this aspect of the recruiting process

Recruiting software could revolutionise this aspect of the recruiting process. HireHive can help you sift through CVs and schedule interviews. The platform can also enhance teamwork through the secure sharing of applicant information.

4. Tracking

Learning from experience is one of the most valuable takeaways from any recruiting project. If you can quantify or represent your successes or failures in numbers, better again. Keeping records for your organisation, which remain compliant with any data protection laws are also essential.

Recruiting software allows you to gather metrics on your recruiting efforts. With HireHive, you securely maintain records that help you to be compliant with European and US labor laws.

You don’t hire in a vacuum

5. Enhanced teamwork

You don’t hire in a vacuum. Your colleagues, your manager, the hiring manager and others have a vested interest in the recruiting process. You need to share information, communications and other data, to ensure the best hire, as well as the best candidate experience.

HireHive allows your team to share information securely and limit the access to this data. Sharing data becomes easy and seamless, making certain that no detail is lost. With this level of sharing, no email will go unanswered and no documentation gets lost.

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