Creative job descriptions get more candidates

HireHive Team
HireHive Team

In a world where highly skilled workers are in demand, making your company stand out among the crowd can dramatically increase the number of job views, social media shares and ultimately applicants.

We’re not saying that every description has to be an original piece of literature, but injecting some personality in to it will go a long way to attracting and engaging talent.

Of all the classic job descriptions that we’ve seen in the hive, this one from StoryToys is still our favourite. It was hugely popular online and had the secondary effect of increasing brand awareness. 

Job description

Candidate Profile

We are looking for an enthusiastic, dynamic Wizard with a background in the spell making, casting and general magic disciplines to join the StoryToys team in Dublin.

Reporting to the CEO the ideal candidate will be experienced with modern wizarding (or Wizarding 2.0) techniques, will be digital savvy, and understand the challenges wizards face in today’s global social and mobile market. The candidate will have 200-300 years experience in a similar role, and be able to demonstrate prior successes in relevant companies or kingdoms.

The candidate will ideally have some proficiency in non-wizarding skills – either technical such as C++, or entertainment product marketing.

While StoryToys is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes wizards of all genders, race and creed, necromancers or warlocks need not apply. Note that this is an international role, and some international questing may be required, so proficiency in teleportation would be a distinct advantage.


Develop and implement “best practice” magic strategies and techniques for the company.

Work with the Product Development team to regularly conjure new products for the StoryToys portfolio.

Work with the sales and marketing teams on enchantment strategies for channel partners to ensure delivery of prominent featuring and marketing opportunities for StoryToys products.

Work with the CEO on enchantment of venture capital investors, to ensure optimal terms for company investment rounds.

Defend the company against dragons, goblins, traditional publishers and other malevolent forces.

Develop appropriate magic intelligence systems and analytics, reporting regularly to the management team.

Assist the management team in solving general day-to-day company issues through magical means.

Package / Salary

The package on offer includes the usual perks such as a company wand and staff. Monetary remuneration will be unlimited for any candidate with alchemy skills.

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