“We increased our candidates by 10% since we started using HireHive and saved time doing so.”

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It was never my goal to work in IT recruitment but I got the job and I’m so glad I did. For me, it’s the perfect fit and now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Hilary has worked in recruitment for most of her career but she also worked in HR with Coca Cola in the US before returning to staffing. When she was hired at TERMINALFOUR, the job was initially for a part time in-house recruiter.

Starting in TerminalFour

When Hilary started working at TERMINALFOUR in 2008 there were only 18 people in the company.

We now help hundreds of global higher education clients realise the full potential of their online environments. We have an impressive customers include some amazing clients, like Oxford, Loyola and Rhodes Universities. 

Hilary noticed from the outset that managing applications was a problem because of the sheer volume of open roles and candidates. When people applied for roles, the applications were emailed into a career email address. As more and more recruitment began piling up, it got increasingly difficult to manage. 

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We were relying on spreadsheets to manage our data and sometimes we couldn’t get back to candidates as quickly as we should have. The ones who applied last were the ones who got seen first. It just wasn’t sustainable or manageable.

She got a recommendation from another company about using HireHive as an applicant tracking system to streamline the hiring process. Now they use HireHive to recruit across all office locations.

Initially TERMINALFOUR started using HireHive to keep track of candidates, but quickly discovered that integrating their already existing employee referral campaigns was a good idea. We always had a referral system, but keeping track of this was difficult, HireHive has made this much easier and more streamlined.

Their hiring process

Hilary’s process is quite simple but incredibly effective. The focus is ‘keeping it short’. She has a goal that decisions have to be made within 24 hours of final interviews.

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She tries to keep the interview process short while getting as much value from it as possible. She wants to be able to make decisions and move on.

Where possible we like to make offers on the same day. It’s all about being as fair to the candidates as possible and I think they like that we are so responsive. For them and for us, it’s a much better experience.

Several tools make up a recruiting toolbox and for Hilary, LinkedIn is vitally important.  

She also uses JIRA for issue tracking and Quip to manage team activities. Then there is HR Locker for document and staff management and Cornerstone for performance growth and tracking and general management.

TERMINALFOUR is a really great company but it’s just not as well-known as some of the previous companies I’ve worked for. This has really helped me perfect my sourcing skills.

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There are now 70 employees and the company is continually growing. Currently there are four roles open at TERMINALFOUR and it looks like more will be added in the coming months.

I love the recruitment side of my job. I like talking to candidates; I like finding someone I think stands out and then matching them to the right role. I have interviewed almost everyone who works here or has worked here. It makes me feel quite proud!


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