Maintaining an employee referral program with HireHive

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

There are so many moving parts in an employee referral program, it can be difficult to maintain. Not with HireHive. Want to know how your favourite recruiting software tool can make employee referrals effortless for you and your team?

Employee referrals have an unbelievable impact on recruiting. They reduce the time as well as the cost required to hire and they result in higher retention rates. If you are not maintaining an employee referrals program at your company, you might be missing a trick. A recruiting software tool like HireHive might be able to help you.

HireHive has features which help you to implement and maintain an employee referrals program easily. This helps you to track your referrals program and determine who on your team is channeling top hires to you. In fact, for some of our customers 60% of their new hires come from referrals. So how exactly can HireHive help you implement your referral program?


Referral programs can have a number of moving parts, so keeping track of applications and your employees can be a challenge. In HireHive, both employee and employers have access to a dashboard with an overview of referral jobs.

Every detail is to hand for both employee and employer. Employers can add employees to the program and track all applications. Employees can get all the information they need to share with their networks and they can also get an overview of their contribution. Easy peasy.


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Sharing jobs

The main task in any employee referral program is communication. First you have to let your employees know that you are looking for their help in a recruiting project, and secondly you need to make it easy for your employees to share this information.

When sharing with your team, HireHive will help you generate and share emails or newsletters with employees participating in your referral program. To help your employees share the open role, HireHive will generate links for social media that they can easily share. On mobile, you just have to click the icon for the platform you want to use and HireHive will push the link to their social media timeline.

HireHive will track and rank your employees’ contribution to the program


It is important to make your employees feel that their efforts are appreciated, so including rewards as part of your referral program is really important. HireHive’s referral management tools help you to record the type of reward on offer for interviews and hires so you can incentivise referrals from your team.

Not only that, but HireHive will track and rank your employees’ contribution to the program. Employees can see how many referrals have been submitted and there are different rankings on offer depending on their contribution: ribbon, bronze, silver and gold. These features help your employees to quantify their input to the program.


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Referral process

You want to avoid any hurdle which might prevent your employees from contributing to the referrals program. It needs to be quick as well as easy to share CVs and employee referrals with HireHive are certainly straightforward.

Your employees have two options in their referral dashboard. They can either drag and drop the CV of their referral, or fill in their details into a short form. Literally just one step. Maybe take the time saved to watch some cat videos on YouTube.

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