5 free tool recommendations for a small recruiting team

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Recruiting software should be the first tool in any recruiter’s arsenal, but what other tools can help you make effective hires?

Small recruiting teams often punch way above their weight. They successfully manage any HR or recruiting tasks, which are often spread over numerous, well resourced teams in large organisations. Keeping this balancing act going can be challenging sometimes, and online recruiting tools like HireHive can really help.

As small recruiting teams are managing numerous tasks at once, they need all the support they can get. Project management, social media, and communications tools can also support your efforts. Here are a few free tools for small recruiting teams:

If your small team does not have a dedicated social media team, recruiting through social media can become a time consuming task. Tools like Buffer allow you to schedule social media posts, so you can ensure you are always posting at the optimum time for engagement. Social media recruiting or a dedicated careers social media profile on specific platforms can be very effective.

Ever wish you could read a candidate’s mind? Or wish you could get a clear picture of what they are like from just looking at a CV or social media profile? Crystal extension for Chrome is a tool from the Crystal Project. It helps you to pick out elements of a candidate’s personality or work style from their LinkedIn profile.

If your small business has a very small recruiting team, or if you have had to manage HR and recruiting without the support of a HR team, it can be very difficult to manage your time. A time tracking tool like Toggl will help you log hours and track time worked. If the hours spent recruiting are getting out of hand, maybe you need to grow your recruiting team?

A small HR team, or indeed a one-person HR team, will likely be balancing all aspects of HR and recruiting by themselves. From job posts, to onboarding, to benefits, it may all be falling on your plate. Balancing all these tasks is challenging, so a task management tool helps you keep on top of everything.

There is nothing more embarrassing than noticing a spelling mistake or typo in a job ad or in an email to a sought-after candidate. The Grammarly for Chrome extension will help you pick out spelling mistakes or grammatical errors in anything you post.


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