Getting ready to hire in the New Year

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

There is nothing more overwhelming than coming back in January with a huge volume of work to do. A little planning and a little help from your recruiting software could give you the advantage in Q1 of the New Year hiring.

If an organization is hiring, they will be hiring in January. That is the reality of the situation, so you need to prepare for a quick start after you come back from the Christmas holidays to remain competitive in a very busy job market. So what can you do at this stage to ensure you beat the competition to the top talent?

Even though we’re in the midst of silly season, there definitely is an advantage to be gained by getting started now. A little bit of planning and strategizing in december will allow you to make a quick start in January.

Have reusable or generic job ads ready to go

Putting together job specifications can be one of the most challenging parts of the recruiting process. To avoid this additional stress during the peak of recruiting in Q1, prepare job specs and job ads in advance. You can make them a little generic, then adapt them to your specific needs when you know exactly what they are.

Take the time to talk to the managers who need to hire, and the wider recruiting team, to establish what is needed

Look at company requirements and define goals

By having a plan, knowing what the organisation needs, and setting goals you can hit the ground running in January. Take the time to talk to the managers who need to hire, and the wider recruiting team, to establish what is needed.

Prepare interview questions

Though you might not know the specific competency questions or skills-based questions you should be asking, you can put together questions relating to culture or attitudes. These types of high-level questions are also reusable, no matter the type of role.

Look as existing talent pool/revisit applications received in the past

While you have a little time before the big increase in recruiting efforts, you should look at applications you received in the past. Some of the work of processing the applications will already have been done, so it will save you significant time and effort.

Give a last push with employee referrals program

Employee referrals are one of the most effective strategies for hiring. Making one last push to boost your employee referral before the Christmas break may generate a lot of applications from those looking for a change in 2018.

Look at your past recruiting efforts to determine what worked and what did not

Look at past successes and utilise data

Again, this is a great opportunity to take the time to look at your past recruiting efforts. By doing that, you will be able to determine what worked and what did not. If you are currently using recruiting software, you solution may already have all the data you need to hand. Recruiting software like HireHive automatically gather data on any applications received.

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