HireHive API: New job integration option

Maëlle De Francesco
Maëlle De Francesco

HireHive has different jobs integration options so that you can post jobs directly to your own website. Last week, we released our brand new API, our ‘Expert’ option that allows you to customise how your jobs are displayed. 

What’s an API, you may ask?

Basically, an API allows you to request something from us at HireHive to be able to display it on your website. 

The HireHive API allows you to display your jobs on your own website in different, customised ways. This is a great option when creating a careers page that matches your branding. Once the careers page is designed and the API has been installed, everything is done automatically: your jobs will be automatically updated on your site when you publish, edit or close them within your HireHive account.


How does it work?

Every company that has a HireHive account will have a custom API URL available from your Settings. The API will allow you to request different information from us such as job title, location, stage, country, language… You will have the option to ignore some of the information or to use it all if you want.

By default, we will provide the top 30 open published jobs in your account. But you can decide to display 40 jobs, or to display jobs in Ireland only or jobs in sales only.

In addition, we have an API for single jobs. This means that if you want to show only one job on your website – let’s say your ‘Digital marketing officer’ job – you can. Each job created in HireHive has a unique ID which will make this possible.

This is also our most flexible integration option as it is fully customisable. If you want to keep your branding on your careers page, the API is your best option.

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Noel O’Connell, our CTO, says:

A company’s brand is so important for hiring. Our API gives you full control of your brand when listing your vacancies.





The API is the ‘Expert’ level of integration we offer with HireHive, so a developer from your tech team can set it up for you using our documentation. 

If you want to see a few examples of what your careers site could look like using the new API, click here.

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