How HireHive can help you hire multilingual candidates

Rachel Hill
Rachel Hill

Do you want to expand your company into the global market and acquire more customers? Hiring multilingual candidates may be the first step forward.

At HireHive, we understand that the competition for multilingual candidates is stiff – everyone wants them. If you are already expanding into other markets, you may need them even more urgently to facilitate customer requirements. As a multilingual ATS, HireHive can streamline your recruitment efforts and help you hire multilingual candidates in a number of efficient ways.

Advertise jobs in your target language

It may sound self-explanatory, but advertising in your target language is essential to finding many great candidates. This is because some candidates may have great English, others may not – and you don’t want to exclude this talent pool. It is also important that you state the level of fluency required as this could widen the talent pool even further.

To do this, you can set the language for your job posting in HireHive and the default application form will automatically appear in that language. So, for example if you set the target language to French, candidates will see the application form below along with your job description.

multilingual candidates

Reach targeted candidates through job boards

Once you publish your jobs, HireHive automatically distributes them to a number of job boards including Indeed, Glassdoor and Simply Hired – popular job boards all over the world. You can also distribute these jobs to your Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter career pages. Therefore, it may be a good idea to set up multilingual career pages depending on your popularity or dependency in certain markets. Posting these jobs to your career page is also a good option.

However, the areas in which your target language is popular may use different job boards. For example, in France candidates use Indeed, but they also use job boards such as, and If you are already signed up to paid job boards, you can use the HireHive ‘job link’ assigned to each job so candidates are still captured the same way.

Set up custom email templates

Setting up email templates is essential to keeping candidates updated throughout the recruitment process – multilingual candidates are no different. HireHive lets you set up different email templates, so you don’t need to craft different emails each time you want to email a candidate. We can help you set up custom multilingual templates that are available each time you want to contact multilingual applicants.

multilingual candidates

Introduce referral campaigns

If you haven’t set up referral campaigns already, you should really consider it. Referrals are a well-proven recruitment method that results in less costly hires and higher retention rates. Chances are, your employees not only know great candidates, but also great multilingual candidates.

HireHive allows you to set up referral campaigns for any published jobs. So you can easily add in your employees’ details and send them a link to your referrals dashboard. Then employees can easily refer different candidates and these candidates are still captured in the same manner as before.


Note: You must be on a Super Hive plan or higher to avail of multilingual features.


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