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Maëlle De Francesco
Maëlle De Francesco

HireHive Cluster is a feature designed to help franchises or companies hiring in different locations manage their recruitment. How does it work, exactly? Well, it’s pretty easy: there is one master account, and several sub accounts that can be managed by a super user. 

The HireHive master account will allow you to manage all the sub accounts for your different office locations. This is the perfect feature for franchises and companies that need to manage a recruitment process for different offices.

Master account’s dashboard

Your HireHive Cluster master account has access to all the sub accounts. These sub accounts are listed in the master account’s dashboard to give an overview. Here you will see information on the number of published jobs and the number of candidates received in the past 30 days so you get a quick insight into activity across all accounts. 

HireHive Cluster master account


Customisation of the sub accounts

Each sub account is completely separate, which means that all the sub accounts can be customised by users as needed. For example, each account can have a localised career page and application form in a different language. Your French office can use French application forms if they are recruiting in France, and use German for your office in Germany… 

Often not all offices/locations are recruiting in the same language, so the same goes for email templates. Using HireHive Cluster will allow each office to create customised email templates so that they can communicate with candidates in the relevant language from the very start.  

Each account can also have its own personalised pipeline with custom stages. This can be very useful if the different offices don’t have the same recruitment process. Each account also has the possibility to add custom job categories, that will only apply to the specific account.

If you want to get more information about the HireHive Cluster and would like to know how it could work for you and your company, reach out to us on hello@hirehive.com!

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