HireHive is all grown up – from .io to dotcom

Siobhan Hasner
Siobhan Hasner

Negotiations for the domain have taken almost two years, but now hirehive.com is active after years of being dormant. It is always something that has been on our minds – .io resonates with tech people and the start up community, but is not as widely known in other industries.

The .io domain was causing confusion. Often I would give a demo, only for the first question to not be about our great product (yes we’re a little biased), but to instead be about our domain. We’ve missed emails from Irish companies who assumed it must be ‘.ie’ instead of ‘io’. Customers have visited hirehive.com and asked why our site is down.

There are plenty of stories out there – Sumo paid $1.5 million for their .com and fellow Irish company Teamwork made headlines when they paid €500,000 for the .com domain. The cost of hirehive.com didn’t come close to this, but was never the less a sizable amount for us as a company. We made the decision and negotiation started. Now we’re finally the proud owners of hirehive.com – which is probably where you are reading this post!

This marks a big milestone for us for a number of reasons, most importantly:

  • Legitimacy – .io is well known throughout the tech industry, but .com is more widely known and trusted.
  • Less confusion – People were confused by the .io domain: emails were sent to ‘.ie’ addresses and were lost.
  • Room for growth – HireHive is growing and the .com domain allows us to enter new markets more easily and continue to grow our business.

It’s been a few days and we are still getting used to the change. When speaking about HireHive, we always made a point to mention the ‘.io’ so people wouldn’t assume it was ‘.com’. Even when writing this I had to stop myself typing hirehive.io….

But having now moved over our website, email addresses and social channels, we are confident that this was the right decision and look forward to continued growth as a dotcom start up, as hirehive.com

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