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Siobhan Hasner
Siobhan Hasner

Gathering application and recruitment process data is useless unless it provides clear insight into your recruitment funnel and helps you understand important data points for decision making.  With so much data readily available it’s important to decide what is relevant and important for you and your organisation (see our post on The Big Bad World of Metrics for more on this).

With HireHive you get a number of recruiting reports ready made that you can use to continue to improve your recruitment process and gain valuable insights. These reports are available for individual jobs and over specified time frames. Key information is displayed clearly allowing you to make informed, data driven hiring decisions.

Overview Report

This report will give you a quick insight into the number of views and applications your jobs are getting, how many candidates are at final stages and what your top candidate sources are.


Pipeline Report

The pipeline report gives you more detailed information on what stages your candidates are at. Other information that is shown here is the number of candidates that were manually added to HireHive, how many were referred via your employee referrals portal and how many interviews took place. 

It also gives you a funnel, showing you what percentage of candidates progressed through the recruitment process.


Time to Hire Report

In order to have an effective, cost-efficient hiring process, combining speed with high quality candidates is vital. The Time to Hire report gives you an insight into how many days it takes to move a candidate through the process to a hire. This outlines what roles are being filled most quickly and where you may need to address any issues.


Demographics Report

One of the most important questions a recruiter will ask themselves is ‘Where are my hires coming from?’.

The Demographics report will give you a clear breakdown of where candidates at ‘Interview’, ‘Offered’ and ‘Hired’ stages are coming from. This allows you to focus on platforms with the best return on investment for your jobs.


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