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Maëlle De Francesco
Maëlle De Francesco

HireHive allows you to get precious insights about your recruitment data. Analysing recruitment data is essential to help you understand what parts of your process work and what could be improved. 

HireHive gives you access to different reports that are essential to help you improve your recruitment process. These are available for individual jobs and for all jobs together. You can also choose the specific time frame you want to generate reports for.

Time to Hire Report

The ‘Time to Hire’ tab will give you access to very important insights on how long you need to make a hire. This report is highly important as in order to have an effective and cost-efficient hiring process, it is essential to combine speed with high quality candidates. In this report, you will be able to see how many days it takes to move a candidate through the process to a hire for each specific job.

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The Time to Hire report is essential as it outlines what roles are being filled most quickly. You will also be able to see where you may need to address any issues. The ‘Average days to hire’ shows you the average number of days it takes to fill a job across all roles.

Demographics Report

Other important data to work on is the sources of the applications you received. HireHive helps you identify the best sources of talent that reached the stages of “Interviewing”, “Offered” and “Hired”. You can get an overview of these sources for all the jobs you published through HireHive or you can choose to only see the sources for a specific job.

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This report is an essential tool for your recruitment efforts as it allows you to focus on platforms with the best return on investment for your jobs.

EEO1 compliance reporting

And we are not forgetting American companies who have to submit the EEOC reporting. HireHive allows US companies to automate EEOC and OFCCP reporting. Once you switch the EEOC reporting setting on, HireHive will add voluntary questions to the candidate application form. It will also add a footer to your careers page highlighting that you are an Equal Opportunities Employer.

EEOC report

In the ‘Reports’ tab you will find a table with all the answers given. You will also have an option to download all answers and to select the information related to a specific job.

The deadline for the EEO reporting is March 31st and HireHive can help!


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