HireHive vs.The Filing Cabinet

HireHive Team
HireHive Team

We always consider human intuition superior to technology. We’re sceptical of artificial, computer intelligence, despite the overwhelming amount of scientific and statistical evidence that tells us otherwise. We’re a stubborn lot, make no mistake. 

Self-driving cars will never take off, despite reports of their superior safety. This is because of our perception that we’d hit the break the minute we would even have a hint of danger. I’d give that a second thought. We live in a world where takeaway coffee cups have to state ‘DANGER! CONTENTS HOT!’

We persist with systems that we could optimise to be twice as effective or efficient

People like to rely on old, proven techniques and are often slow to adapt to technologies that could revolutionise the way we work. We persist with systems that we could optimise to be twice as effective or efficient. The continued use of the filing cabinet would make the mind boggle. Here’s a few statements of the obvious, why HireHive trumps the filing cabinet.

1. Avoiding human error

Obviously enough, the basic organisational principle of the filing cabinet is alphabetical order. In the context of the filing cabinet, I use the terms ‘principal,’ ‘order’ and ‘organisational’ rather loosely. We have all found ourselves labouring over the best way to file names like McCarthy, or O’Sullivan.

While we have a tendency to adhere weakly to alphabetical order, computers tend to be a little more pedantic about it. HireHive not only feels quite strongly about alphabetical order, but also gathering reliable data on candidates. Recruiting software also feels quite strongly about keeping neat, unified profiles of your applicants.

A big pile of CVs are no good to anyone, filed away in quasi alphabetical order

2. Organisational benefits

The organisational benefits of the filing cabinet for recruitment begin and end at, the fact it’s a place where you keep everything, not quite in plain sight. A big pile of CVs are no good to anyone, filed away in quasi alphabetical order. Other than the aspect of faint surprise, finding typed CVs from 1995 crumpled at the bottom of the filing cabinet helps nothing in the recruiting process. Well, maybe finding CVs so old that gender and marital status are noted on them might be a good HR history lesson.

Keeping up to date and data-protection law compliant records are just one of the many organisational benefits of using HireHive. You’ve got the option to share CVs and notes with colleagues who need access to the information, making sure that everyone’s data is kept nice and safe. And not just safe because everyone has forgotten it’s even there.

3. Access

While on the topic of appropriate levels of access to personal data, you’re never going to have access issues because someone lost one of those little keys for the filing cabinet. Never shall one of your colleagues have to go home to go rooting in the shed looking for a crowbar to get it open. The password reset button is a beautiful thing.

4. Communications

The last time I checked, filing cabinets did not lend themselves well to effective communications. Unless you bought some jazzy one in the 80s with a fax machine attached. Jobs are not going to get filled nor is a prospective application going to get answered, tucked away in the drawer of a filing cabinet that’s after getting sticky. HireHive offers open, two way communication, so that no one’s questions are left unanswered.

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