Is the price right?

Siobhan Hasner
Siobhan Hasner

We’re often asked about hiring software pricing here at HireHive. Many new customers comment that the competitive price was a contributing factor when they signed up for a free trial.

This made us ask why this came up so often. Following some research we found that a huge number of hiring software providers are not transparent about their pricing structure. In fact it was very difficult to find pricing for many systems.

It turns out that it isn’t just older legacy systems that have a clunky ‘Contact us for a quote’ but new age systems are also keeping their pricing under wraps.

Just six out of the first twenty (30%) companies listed on had a clear pricing page on their website.

We have been in the recruitment software industry for quite a long time. When it came to pricing planning we knew that our pricing should be accessible for a wide variety of companies without compromising on the quality of our product.

Another thing that was clear was that we would be transparent about the costs involved in implementation. The findings from our research made us ask ‘Why are many other companies’ hiding their pricing?

What are they hiding?

The main reason given for hiding pricing is that it opens the door for more engagement with customers. There are more contact points if your pricing is hidden behind contact forms and sales calls. However in today’s competitive SaaS market, showing your prices actually helps you engage with customers early on in the buying process and can pique interest from the start. 

It also helps to build trust with potential customers. If you are transparent about your pricing this almost always runs through the organisation on all levels. In fact many SAAS providers may be losing customers at the ‘Contact us’ stage as they are not interested in lengthy sales call and endless ‘Contact us’ forms.

Where is the guide price?

There is also an argument that not listing your pricing on your website may actually be what is driving up the price in the first place. The sales team will be busy contacting potential customers with pricing details and information. Instead they could be chasing leads and closing deals.

Why does a ‘guide’ price, a ‘starting price’ or a ‘recommended retail price’ not seem to apply when looking at most hiring software providers.

Are you paying too much?

This also raises the question of ‘Are companies paying too much for their hiring software?’ We speak with a lot of customers who move from other systems or may have used other systems in past roles who are impressed with the quality of product and service for the price they pay. They then start to actively question what exactly it was they were paying for on the other system…

Yes implementing hiring software is a big decision. It’s often a system that will be rolled out across the organisation. Several members from various teams will be actively using it but does this mean hiring software pricing needs to be hidden behind ‘We’ll customise our system for you’? 

Should there not be a starting price, an indication of what price you may be looking at for your company before you get into a lengthy sales process? We think so.

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