The importance of an internship programme

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Internships are an essential part of any recruitment strategy, but what exactly does an internship tell you about potential full-time hires?

Internship programmes are an essential part of any recruiting strategy and can help mould the future of your company. Internships are also mutually beneficial to both intern and company, as the intern gets essential work experience, while your company gets the benefit of a new perspective.

Internship programmes may take a little bit of effort to put together and implement, but the return on investment is significant. Here are a few of the reasons you should implement an internship programme:

Internships are a means of vetting future full-time hires

If a hire does not work out the way you hoped it is both a financially costly and a waste of time. Internships offer a unique opportunity: you can vet the candidate before committing to a full-time contract.

By giving an intern meaningful work, you can establish if they are a right fit for your company. It also lets the intern decide if your company is in the area of industry that they want to work in, without serious commitment.  

Meaningful work is important as part of an internship programme

Interns help with short-term or minor projects

If you have a small project or temporary role, an internship may be a great way of meeting that recruiting need. The intern may only be available a few hours a week or during their summer break, so it meets their needs too.

Meaningful work is important as part of an internship programme, so a finite, structured project is ideal for an intern. It also allows you to properly test their skills and their approach. This will help you understand if they are a good fit for your company.

Create connections with educational institutions

Developing connections between your company and educational institutions is to the benefit of your team, as well as the school. You will benefit from the access to a huge talent pool. On their side, they will benefit from the connections in the industry.

This will help you build your brand and your position as a thought leader. Giving students access to this is highly valuable.

A student exposed to the most recent ideas and innovations in your industry will have a fresh viewpoint

Diversity and new insights

Diversity is essential in any organisation, as the differing views and experiences will aid innovation greatly. A student exposed to the most recent ideas and innovations in your industry will have a fresh viewpoint.

An intern will also benefit greatly from the wealth of experience at your organisation. It also offers an intern the opportunity to learn more about your industry.

Improve cost to hire and time to hire

If you chose to hire the intern for a full-time role, you will have saved significant time and budget in your hiring efforts. What is more, you will have a good understanding of what they can do for your organisation.

Time and money saved can go back into further developing your internship programmes. It could also help increase your number of internship roles.


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