January product update – Indeed, GDPR and more!

Maëlle De Francesco
Maëlle De Francesco

What happened in the Hive during those past few weeks?

Sponsoring jobs on Indeed through HireHive

First of all, you can now sponsor your jobs on Indeed directly through HireHive: this had been one of our most requested features for years by our customers, and it’s finally available!


As you may already know, Indeed is the world’s #1 job site. Posting your jobs there can bring you a number of applications. But what we’ve noticed based on data from HireHive customers is that you will receive approximately 90% of the total number of applications within the first 5 days.
After that date, the number of applications you receive dramatically decreases. Why? Simply because more recent jobs have been posted on Indeed, and yours has been pushed to the third or fourth page of the jobs listing. 

When a job is sponsored, it will appear among the first results, and you will quickly get more candidates! If you want more info on how to sponsor your jobs on Indeed with HireHive, you can read more about it in our dedicated post.

Restricted notes

The second feature that we released during the past few weeks are restricted notes. You can now add ‘private notes’ to a candidate’s profile, that only team members who have access to restricted candidate information will be able to see.  

restricted information


And last but not least… GDPR!

HierHive GDPR

I feel like we talk about GDPR every single day…and it’s not going to stop soon. At HireHive, it has been one of our main focuses during the past few months and we keep working on it as May 25th isn’t that far away anymore.

As security and data protection is our top priority, we are working on updating our Terms of Service, to make sure that all data we hold on your behalf is clearly listed. We are going to release some more updates regarding GDPR in the coming months, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can download our GDPR handbook, that focuses on how those changes will impact recruiting. It might come in handy!

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