Accept Applications Online

When accepting applications from candidates online there are two easy options: a fully hosted careers site or full integration with your own site.

Fully Hosted Careers Page (HireHive Careers Page)
This is the quickest and easiest option to get your jobs up and running on your careers site. We host the careers page so all you have to do is add your jobs and link to them from your website. You can fully track all views and applications on this page using the Google Analytics code.

Full Integration on your Website
Someone from your technical team can easily add jobs to your website using our iFrame. This will allow candidates to apply directly on your website - resulting in a seamless application process where the candidate never has to leave your site.

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HireHive Careers Page

Job boards and social media

Major free job boards
All jobs are auto posted to major free job boards, including Indeed, Glassdoor and Simply Hired.

Social media
You can also increase your reach by posting to your company social media channels.

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Get your employees involved
Let your employees help you hire the best candidates. Open roles to your employees and send them a link that they can share on social networks or by email.

Track everything
Easily track referrals and reward employees.

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Interview scheduling

Send invites
Schedule interviews across your organisation. Invite 1,2,3 or more colleagues at once.

Agenda overview
See who is attending and who has declined. Edit, cancel, reschedule interview and automatically alert attendees.

Timezone support and Integrates with Gmail and Outlook.

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Candidate sources
Get a detailed insight into where your jobs are being seen and where your candidates are coming from. See an overall chart of sources or find data on a specific role.

Export data
Export all candidate data to Excel to continue analysing all of your data.

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Data and security

Everything is private
At HireHive we understand that our customers care deeply about data security and privacy.

Data stored in the EU
We store all data on servers that are physically located in the EU. We are in full compliance with European Union Data Protection directives.

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