LinkedIn: HR and recruiting influencers to follow in 2018

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

LinkedIn is the social media platform for recruiting in HR and recruiting. Who are the cool kids you should be following in 2018?

If you are looking for some January recruiting inspiration, you have come to the right place. LinkedIn is a great resource for thought leadership in recruiting, giving you insight into the most recent innovations and wisdom from the most experienced professionals.

Here are our picks of HR and recruiting influencers to follow on LinkedIn in 2018. Here you will find some of the most seasoned HR pros, as well as the new kids on the block behind some of the most disruptive approaches in HR.


 1b28727Laszlo Bock

Yes the Laszlo Bock. The former Senior Vice President of People Operations at Google helped to develop the enviable employer brand at Google and now runs his own startup humu. Basically anything that comes out of this man’s mouth is HR gold.




Meghan Biro

Meghan Biro is founder of TalentCulture, creator of the #WorkTrends podcast and regular contributor to Forbes on HR. She is frequently cited as a major social media HR influencers. What she does not know, is not worth knowing.




Josh Bersin

Founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh Bersin is a long-time HR influencer. His company’s research and studies will let you know anything you want to know about the recruiting and human resources industries. He also regularly writes for publications like Forbes, sharing his insights. He is certainly worth a follow.



34 year old best-selling author and highly-rated Wharton lecturer Adam Grant is somewhat of a organisational psychology wunderkind. He has published several enormously successful book, including Originals and Give and Take. His insights have been sought by organisations like Facebook, Google, the NBA, Merck, Goldman Sachs, Pixar, the U.S. Army and Navy, and the World Economic Forum.




Susan Cain

Helping you get the best out of literally all of your employees, Susan Cain’s area of interest is the introvert in industry. She has written widely on the subject and even published the New York Times bestseller, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking, pointing to the value of introverts to your business.




Hung Lee

The brain behind/founder of, Hung Lee is quickly becoming a big name in the world of tech recruiting. His blog,, is a fantastic source of his musings on all things HR.




Whitney Johnson

Career disruption is Whitney Johnson’s area of expertise. She believes that the power of disruption can be applied to the individual and this personal disruption can be used to further one’s career.




Kathryn Minshew

Former management consultant at McKinsey and founder of career site, The Muse, Kathryn Minshew is yet another HR wizkid. She has featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 and has published The New Rules of Work. Her innovative, disruptive approach to career development is definitely food for thought.


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