Recruiting software for small businesses

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Your organisation may be small, but that doesn’t mean it cannot benefit from candidate management or recruiting software. The analytics, communications and sourcing capabilities of recruiting software are fully scalable, so if you’re anticipating a period of intense hiring, your software will be capable of keeping up with the pace.

Recruiting software takes much of the time-consuming work involved in recruiting off the hands of recruiters, helping your small team. Here’s just a few of the ways that recruiting software can benefit your small business.

Data analytics for recruiting

If you’re running a small business, you’re unlikely to need extensive data on performance review or human resource management. Smaller businesses need only stick to a number of core metrics, like sourcing channels and time to hire.

Rerports charts

HireHive allows you to monitor where your candidates are coming from and which sources are bringing you the candidates you need. This knowledge will help you to determine which jobs boards, social media platforms or other sources are giving you the best ROI, which will in turn help you to direct your budget to it.

Screening candidates

If you’ve got a smaller organisation, you may not have a very large HR team or even one at all. If you’ve got a big pile of CVs to pore through, you’ll have to optimise your time. This is where an recruiting software comes in useful, as it filters through CVs and gives you the most appropriate candidates.

When choosing recruiting software, you’ll need something that fosters two-way communication between you and your candidate

When choosing recruiting software, you will want a filtering tool. Not only that, but you’ll want one that performs reporting. HireHive is a good option here, as you have a unified tool which will help you keep track of your sought-after candidates.


Communication is key in keeping candidates engaged. When choosing recruiting software, you’ll need something that fosters two-way communication between you and your candidates. You’ll also need a means of sharing this with your candidates to optimise collaboration with your colleagues or your HR team, so that there are no lapses in contact.


For a smaller organisation, a means of maintaining communication and keeping a comprehensive record of all correspondence takes much of the work off a stretched team. HireHive offers this, with control over who has access to what.


If you’re looking for software to manage your hiring process, you’re probably looking to hire. And if you’re looking to hire, your company is probably undergoing a period of growth. To ensure that your team gets longevity and maximum use out of your software, it has to grow with your business.

HireHive is fully scalable, taking you from the stage of posting jobs, to making offers to candidates.

Record keeping

Responsible handling of candidate data is no joke. It’s an essential part of keeping compliant with labour laws and if you’re hiring aggressively, you need a tool that does that for you, so that your not spending recruiting time maintaining records.

HireHive helps you keep comprehensive and secure records of your hiring data, keeping the process of recruiting simple.


It’s all well and good, being able to pull reports on this metric or contact this group of candidates, but the main job recruiting software should be doing for you is advertising to candidates and bringing in candidates.

HireHive can post to various different platforms, including LinkedIn, ensuring that all bases are covered at the sourcing stage.

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