Recruitment Influencers to Follow in 2020

HireHive Team
HireHive Team

As we continue to reflect and look back on the previous years, we decided to take another look at people to follow on twitter and other social media platforms. As with many aspects of the industry, some names may be the same and others have emerged as important experts to follow in recruitment and HR. Here are the top influencers we suggest you follow in 2020. 



Built as a career community for women, Fairygodboss has a lot of great content helpful for everyone. The website itself acts as a social media hub, but you can also find the site on Twitter and Facebook. Users can make career connections, read employer reviews, and ask important questions about employment that will be answered by experts. There is also a section that can be used by recruiters and other hiring managers. 



Shally Steckerl

His name has been a part of social media since the platform was new. He founded The Sourcing Institute and has spent more than two decades training recruiters around the world on the sourcing method he developed. You can follow Shally Steckerl on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to gain additional insight about your own recruiting process. 


jim stroud

Jim Stroud

From Atlanta, Georgia in the U.S., Jim Stroud’s name has been associated with talent acquisition for years but it was only in 2019 that he launched his own podcast to share his strategies with a wider audience. He was named one of the top 100 HR tech influencers of 2019 by HR Executive. You can also find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.



Mitch Sullivan

Based in the UK, Sullivan’s Fast Track Recruitment website, which also spawned the book On Recruitment, has been an online resource for recruiting professionals since 2009. His other blog, Recruitment Mentor, provides an insider’s view of the industry for recruiters and agency owners. Besides his blog, Sullivan can be found on Twitter


alison ask a manager

Ask a Manager

A go-to resource for any in-office concern, Ask a Manager (Alison Green) has built an incredible following. While the site is geared toward workers, it can be a useful tool for recruiters as well. Understanding employee experience is an incredibly important part of the HR process. Ask a Manager, which can be followed on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, can provide this closer look. 



The Searchologist 

Katrina Collier, another UK recruiter who’s gone global, hasn’t just founded The Searchologist as a resource for recruiters. She’s also changing the world with her DisruptHR brand spotlighting recruiters who make a difference. On top of that, she penned a book, The Robot Proof Recruiter, and travels the world speaking about maintaining a human connection in recruitment. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn



Isabelle Eynaud-Chevalier

Named one of Staffing Industries top 100 European Influencers, Isabelle Eynaud-Chevalier was appointed to general manager of the French association of employment agencies. She’s been part of the French HR world since 1991. Part of her career has focused on social innovation and she can be found on LinkedIn France

We would love to hear from you. Who do you follow in your recruitment career? Comment on social media and let us know. 


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