Review: HRTechWorld Congress, London

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

One of the fastest growing global HR events globally, HRTechWorld Congress, this year found itself in London. The event takes stock of the current standing of HR technology and where the area is going. Drawing speakers and companies from all across the HR and recruiting world, the event looks at the most current, disruptive technologies on the market. Well, what went down this year?

Day 1

Simon Sinek, the man whose TED talk is touted as the 3rd most watched on, was always going to be a point of intrigue. Known for his theories on topics ranging from leadership to motivation, this time his point of focus was on trust, leadership and the responsibility of those in charge. He focused in on the duty of a leader: “As a leader, you’re not responsible for the results, you’re responsible for the people responsible for the results.”

Top HR Analyst, as well as founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Josh Bersin took his analytical and research skills to present the 10 most profound and disruptive trends shaping the HR technology market. He brought up the problem of a lack of feedback and noted that people thrive on this. Also discussed were the failings of L&D within organisations and how it fails to match up with how people actually learn. Telling it like he sees it.

Peter Hinssen asked how can we adopt network thinking into our organisations to keep ahead of the curve and quickly? Nexxworks founder Hinssen is known for disruptive thinking and his presentation was no different. He focussed on the need to constantly “think like a start-up” and innovate.

Day 2

Jason Averbook: Averbook reckons we’re headed for a perfect storm in workforce technology, so he wants us to tug on our wellingtons and waders to weather that storm. He pointed, rather strikingly, to the fact that LinkedIn (and consequently competitors)  has more information on people than the organisations that employ them. There’s a rumble of thunder if ever I heard one. founder Martha Lane-Fox delivered this years keynote on internet being the organising principle of our age. Like Hinssen, she focussed on the significance of networked thinking. Later in conversation with Anne Marie Tomchak, she took questions from the audience.

She really honed in on the under-representation of women in the digital sector, with women only making up 17%. She believes that companies that fully embrace diversity will be the winners in the future world of work.

Five disruptive startups from the world of HR technology in competition

Competition was tight among the 5 contestants.

  • Impraise, a mobile and web-based real-time performance review tool.
  • Never Eat Alone, an app for helping employees to connect at lunchtime.

  • HROnboard does what it says on the tin – it’s a tool for job offers and hiring.
  • Psychometric platform, Praditus, helps to better understand your employees.
  • Arctic Shores, a gaming tool for assessing candidates, was the eventual winner of £15,000 prize. Drinks are on them.



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