Social media and branding: what to consider as a recruiter?

Orla Hodnett
Orla Hodnett

Social media is the quickest way to tell anyone interested in your organisation what you’re all about. Social media + recruiting (social recruiting) is also a great way to tell potential candidates about your organisation. It is the quickest and easiest way of reaching out to these candidates, as well as convincing them of why they should work for you.

Your social media accounts are there for all to see, so make sure what your candidates are seeing makes a compelling argument.

Social media has long been much more than just a ‘nice’ feature to have for recruiters

Branding is key in building up the image candidates have of your organisation. So if you can make your values known and make a positive, striking impact, the likelihood of winning over a sought-after candidate is that much greater.

Social media has long been much more than just a ‘nice’ feature to have for recruiters. It is a mouthpiece for your organisation, so ensure that you maintain social media platforms and contact with interested candidates. 

It’s not just about posting jobs or advertising your current vacancies. Branding is about reaching and finding relevant candidates. So here are a few things to consider to ensure your social media branding is working as hard as possible for you.

1. Metrics

This is the most effective way of measuring the effectiveness of your branding. Social media data is a rich source of information on those expressing interest in your social media outlets. Having insight on who engages with your social media profiles and how makes targeting your posts a much more straight-forward task.

Deciding the types of metrics you want to measure is the first job you have to carry out. If you understand what interests and motivates the visitors of your social media platforms, the task is lessened.

2. Teamwork

Getting the whole team in on the act can really benefit your branding. By including them in your social media strategy and getting them to actively contribute, you’ll build a clear picture of what it is like to work at your organisation.

Each social media platform has its advantages and sends a slightly different message to followers

If your candidates are actively participating in your social media strategy, you can easily give candidates an impression of what life at your organisation is like. By coordinating your social media content with your colleagues, you’ll create a far more authentic output.

3. Tools

Ensuring consistency and being able to review your metrics are both very important to your social media branding. Much of the more tedious work can be done by various tools for scheduling, metrics and account management.

The effectiveness of your social media content can be greatly improved through the use of appropriate tools. Much of the experimentation is taken out of the process when you can quantify the success of your posts and structure the procedure.

Some of our favourite social media tools:


4. Choosing which social recruiting platforms to use

Each social media platform has its advantages and sends a slightly different message to followers.

Whether you’re using these platforms to advertise or give insight into your organisation, you can modify your approach. Getting these platforms to work together is also worthwhile to ensure consistency and a unified approach.

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