Are your social media efforts really paying off? Our top 5 analytic tools

Chelsea O'Connor
Chelsea O'Connor

Due to the growing amount of companies embracing this cultural shift to social sourcing, one must also be aware of how this type of recruiting is performing. There is no denying that this type of recruiting makes the recruitment process efficient, cost-effective and most importantly, faster. Social media allows companies to reach both active and passive candidates, as well as building a community of followers. Here are some useful social recruiting tools to find top talent.

How do you measure?

What companies find most challenging is measuring and monitoring their social media platforms. Therefore, monitoring and managing their platforms on a weekly if not daily basis is vital. It is all a question of preparation before you dive straight into the cultural shift that is social sourcing. Start off by setting goals that you wish to achieve in a specified time frame, measure the outcome of these goals against your initial expectations and finally, evaluate what is working and what needs changing.

You may need to ask yourself the following questions in order to fully evaluate your social media strategy; Are you reaching a talented pool of candidates? Are you engaging with these talent pools? How many of your followers are interacting with your social media posts? How many of your followers are actually applying for your jobs?

Here are the main social media analytic tools you need in order to measure and manage your social media reach and performance.

1. Social Mention

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Social Mention makes it easy for you to see who is mentioning and interacting with your brand. This could not be easier, just type in the name of your company and click search. Social mention monitors over 80+ social media platforms including, and

This allows you to get an insight into the strength of your brand and the reach of your social efforts. Social Mention also allows you to source top keywords, hashtags and users. In order to stay on top of your brand mentions, utilise the RSS feed of your company’s mentions.

2. Sprout Social

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Sprout Social allows you to strengthen your ability to respond to messages and resolve problems across multiple platforms. This tool allows you to track keywords and hashtags, as well as join conversations on events and new trends.

With Sprout Social you can also schedule and publish future content on multiple social media platforms with a single click. Using a tool such as this allows you to optimise your audience reach while creating and engaging in a growing community of potential candidates.

3. Hootsuite

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Hootsuite is the most commonly used and well-known tool on the market. Hootsuite offers multiple versions for all types of users, whether you are using it for your own blog or for your business enterprise. This tool allows you to manage and monitor all social media platforms by scheduling future posts.

Analytic tools are vital when measuring reach and performance. Recruiters must utilize their analytics to evaluate their social media efforts and examine what’s working and make changes wherever necessary. With its easy to use column-based dashboard and geographical search, it really is the ultimate recruiter friendly tool.

4. Sysomos

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Sysomos provides great social media analytic tools for any business. Sysomos meaning “everything together” in Greek allows you to collect and manage all data and information from multiple social media networks. It also provides the ability to broaden reach with users, influencers and new trends.

This tool provides you with the insight and tools necessary to measure your social media performance, thus being clued in on what is grabbing the attention of your followers and what is not. Listen to ongoing conversations which matter most to your company, analysing the tone of these conversations and identify the various opinions. Sysomos allows you to measure and maximise the impact of your social media efforts and campaigns to those who matter most to your company.

5. Google Analytics

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Being one of the first social media analytic tools, Google Analytics is still standing tall in terms of measuring and analysing statistics for search engine optimisation. Google Analytics provides you with a never ending amount of data that simplifies the ever challenging task of measuring your social media performance. It also monitors which keywords are bringing the most traffic to your social media channels.

You gain a great insight into the type of visitors you get, whether that be new or returning visitors. This information, in turn, allows you to set up new campaigns or dedicate particular sections of your social media strategy to your new or returning visitors. Google Analytics is great for recruiters as it allows you to keep on top of where your candidates are coming from and which content is performing best with your audience in specific geographical areas.

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