The five biggest ATS myths busted

Chelsea O'Connor
Chelsea O'Connor

Companies tend to hold on to the familiarity of their traditional recruitment processes and systems. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, as businesses grow it is essential that companies see the true advantages of implementing recruitment software and the true benefits it will bring to their firm. Here are some of the myths that arise over and over again with ATS systems.

1. All Applicant Tracking software is the same

There is a serious misconception that all ATS’s are the same but in reality there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. It ultimately depends on the needs of your company and what features you may see as the ‘best’ fit for your company.

Due to the high amount of Application Tracking Systems available on the market today there is no doubt that it may be a daunting experience when trying to decide which offers the best features for which you can optimise your recruitment process and find the right candidates for specific job roles.One must look at a number of different features available that will best match your specific requirements and address the pain points that you are experiencing.

2. Removal of the ‘human’ aspect of recruiting

Because recruitment software can automate your hiring process, companies believe that it would only take away from the human aspect of recruitment. But in reality it makes hiring managers focus their attention on the recruitment process, especially on the candidate experience.

By not using an ATS to track and manage the high volume of potential candidates, recruiters can find themselves being bombarded and spending a lot of time sifting through emails. Therefor, taking away from the time spent on the candidate experience.

3. Recruitment software doesn’t suit small businesses

Big data and detailed analytics aren’t on the minds of small business as they often lack the time, money and resources that many larger firms have. But most recruitment software isn’t designed just for big firms. A good ATS is designed for ease of use, scalability and efficiency in managing candidates.

Companies should choose an ATS to meet their own needs in order to be cost effective. An ATS allows firms to pay attention to employer brand which is vital in a market which such scare talent.

4. Recruitment Software is too time consuming

Companies think that setting up and implementing recruitment software will take too much time and take away from the more important tasks at hand. But choosing the right ATS which has easy setup and requires minimum to no training will take less time than you think. This in turn, will allow you to dramatically reduce your time to hire by eliminating candidates which don’t meet the minimum requirements and focus on finding the perfect candidate.

5. Recruitment Software threatens jobs

One of the main reasons companies stay away from an automated recruitment process is due to the belief that automated technology will eventually take over. A report by the World Economic Forum states that by 2020 5 million jobs will have been lost due to advanced technology.

Recruitment software does not threaten jobs, it should be looked at as an advantage. By utilising recruitment software, recruiters can focus more on the important tasks at hand and leave the tedious and mundane administrative tasks to the software.

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